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I create Handmade Imperfections!


I create Handmade Imperfections!


    Vintage and handmade have always been a part of my creativity. Many forms of art have evolved over the years. A handmade gift and accessory business was the beginning, which included 22 sales reps and a sea of moms doing piecework. It later evolved into a book entitled “Homemade” which was full of recipes you could not eat… which then led to create segments on various HGTV and TLC television shows, magazines, ‘how-to’ styled books, speaking engagements, and teaching workshops over the years. But, motherhood began to take more time and a different creative focus began.

    My passion for ‘all things stitched’ became my art form of choice for many reasons. I love the creative process, the beauty of imperfection, and the ability to determine ‘handmade’ in a nanosecond. Years of supporting an athletic daughter led to hours of sitting on a bleacher. This time became the foundation of teaching myself the art of stitching. The need to be creative had to become mobile for me, so this medium was perfect. Plus, a giddy zeal for vintage fabrics and notions collected over the years provided enough supply to last a lifetime of ballgames.

    Now, the nest is empty and my little bird has successfully entered adulthood. And just as quickly as my motherhood responsibilities began to diminish… my caring for an aging parent with Alzheimer’s began. Many hours of sitting in a hospital, nursing home, and doctor’s office entered my world, and once again, the ability to carry my mobile art studio became my lifeline.

    Years of making little snippets of sewn “things” began to develop as an art form. You can only collect so many piles of hand-sewn doo-dads… and not figure out some useful purpose for them. Plus, the advent of creating myself a delightful little studio to focus my energies store all my hoarding supplies of vintage fabric and notions and provide a plethora of space for my many artful endeavors.

    Handmade Imperfections is my interpretations of vintage textiles, unfinished needle arts, upcycled fabrics and notions, merged into a new version to create a moment of nostalgia and reflection.

    Anything torn, worn, stained, used, upcycled, unfinished… the foundation of my work.

    I have had two solo gallery show in the past 3 years.

    My work has been featured in numerous galleries.



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