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Explore the ocean world through my paintings—where each stroke tells a story and every color dances.


Explore the ocean world through my paintings—where each stroke tells a story and every color dances.


    The early stages of Alexandra Telgmann's artistic journey were profoundly influenced by her father, a renowned goldsmith artist. After earning her master's degree in goldsmithing, she embarked on a new artistic path by studying portrait and life painting at the College of Art and Design in Savannah, USA.

    During her career, she has reached impressive milestones, including guest lectures in Savannah, USA, and Lacoste, France, for the Savannah College of Art and Design.

    Since then, she has curated an impressive portfolio of international and national exhibitions, spanning cities such as New York, London, Barcelona, Charleston, Las Vegas, Colorado Springs, Munich, and Leipzig. Her inaugural solo exhibition, titled 'Laconella,' was showcased at the Pinnacle Gallery in Savannah, USA.

    In an exciting endeavor, she was invited to design a stage set for the ballet 'Men and Women' in collaboration with choreographer Antoine Jully at the Oldenburgische Staatstheater.

    Additionally, Alexandra Telgmann holds memberships in esteemed organizations, including the Portrait Society of America and the International Guild of Realism (IGOR/USA). Her captivating oil paintings currently find representation at prestigious galleries such as Abend Gallery Denver, the Grand Bohemian Gallery in Charleston, the 33rd Contemporary Art Gallery in Miami, and the MEAM museum in Barcelona, Spain, and are also part of the Lunar Codex on the Moon.

    Notably, several of her paintings have been featured multiple times at the MEAM Museum in Barcelona, and one of her artworks graced the MALL Galleries in London. Recently, she exhibited in the finalist international painting competition from NTD in Salmagundi Artclub New York and was awarded with Honorable Mention.

    In my ocean-themed art, I aim to highlight our profound connection with water, inspiring viewers to experience serenity and strength while fostering a deeper bond with our planet. In a fast-paced world, it's crucial to pause and reflect. Beneath the surface, the world transforms, revealing mesmerizing patterns that cultivate an appreciation for life's inherent value. My paintings, especially those featuring marine wildlife and figurative elements, are deeply influenced by water's beauty, power, elegance, and adaptability. By the sea, I am reminded of this resource's immense importance to humanity, finding it a source of inner peace. I am captivated by water's texture, movement, and the vibrant underwater world, which I capture in my work. To enhance the vibrancy, I often incorporate 24-carat gold leaf to reflect sunlight on the water's surface. I am particularly fascinated by the beauty of breath or movement underwater, visible in patterns of bubbles, and the graceful, fluid interactions of bodies in water, distinct from those on land.


    The Lunar Codex Capsule with the digital image of the painting “Golden Ocean Reflection' Shark” landed on the Moon


    Honorable Mention recipient in the 6th NTD Figurative Painting Competition at the Salmagundi Art Club in New York for the artwork “Water Reflection: Immerse Yourself”

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