Andrea Guzman

Thai technic/finger painting


Thai technic/finger painting


    Andrea Guzmán Núñez, member of the International Association of Visual Artists IAVA endorsed by UNESCO, is a Chilean artist who started her career late in life.

    During her stay in Paris in the first half of the 1980s, when she was very young, she took art history classes at the Louvre Museum, an experience that awakened her interest in the visual arts and painting.

    However, it was not until her return to Chile where years later in 2003, living in the Chilean Patagonia, she reconnected with this craft thanks to the rocky geography of the area away from the big cities, close to nature, allowing her to find her refuge and inspiration to express herself on the easel.

    In 2019 already back in the Chilean capital, because of the isolation product of the COVID-19 pandemic, her dedication to painting was her company and therapy, exploring every day of confinement new forms and colors of expression on her canvases. She soon realized that her future lay in dedicating herself exclusively to this discipline, and she began to explore her creative side.

    Her artistic works are based on the millenary Thai technique "Lotus Leaves Painting", which consists of painting on natural lotus leaves. These leaves are artistically mounted on organic frames, after a special process of pressing and drying, work done by local artisans.

    Currently his paintings are distributed in the Latin American and European market, and have participated in various exhibitions, such as: The Red Puppet - Art exhibition of Mana Winwood, at the Convention Center of Miami-FL; at the Gaudí Gallery, Madrid; at the V Contemporary Art Fair of the Proyecto5 Gallery, Ubrique; and the Trijaxa Foundation, The Netherlands.

    In many Asian countries, the lotus holds a special place in culture. The belief is that Lotus holds many health benefits and spiritual meanings.

    To show the magic of painting and feeling nature.

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