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    Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, I grew up assisting my mother, a renowned cityscape impressionistic painter, in her studio. This early exposure to art sparked my inclination towards graphic art and fostered my connection with the art world. I earned a BA in graphic arts and a PhD in communication studies, and have spent my life creating visual stories for brands and personalities. Although predominantly focused on graphic arts, I continued painting and curated several art shows in Russia and the USA. Fine art remains an essential source of inspiration and a platform for creative experimentation. My curiosity led me to early Christian art, specifically icons and frescoes with gilding elements. I use watercolors, stucco, and gesso mixtures to replicate the matte effect of frescoes, and finish my work with gold leaf, imbuing each painting with a glowing halo effect as it reflects off the walls.

    **My work style is best described as temporal

    psychoexpressionism, I capture the remnants of the fleeting feelings one has in evocative places.** I live close to New York City, and my most recent work is inspired by its vibes. I explore and record the intersections of tradition and innovation by applying traditional mediums to modern abstract visual concepts. My art merges past, present, and future in one moment in an attempt to capture the feeling of absolute timelessness. I find that megalopolises such as New York invert, twist, grind and mix eras of time together like layers of paint to produce unexpected results. Ultimately my art aims to encourage the viewer to experience every moment of their life with full awareness, as everything surrounding us is only temporary.

    Temporal psychoexpressionism

    2023 – “Why Do You Do It?” Art Show. Boomer Gallery, London, UK
    2023 – Personal Show, Open Studio (part of JCAST and Jersey City Art Week). 313 Gallery, Jersey City, USA
    2023 – Summer Mercado. Wine & Design Studio, Weehawken, USA
    2022 – Published a book with watercolor illustrations “History of Public Transportation”, Kacheli publishing, St. Petersburg, Russia
    2020 – Curator: Irina Alexandrina’s Personal Exhibition. Gallery “Ponte Vecchio", Florence, Italy
    2018 – Curator: End of Spring Semester Art Show. St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, USA
    2017 – Curator: Winter Art Show. St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, USA
    2016 – “Secret garden”. Sit and Wonder, Brooklyn, USA
    2014 – 2012 - Curator: “Blue Horseman, Yellow Sound” Memorial Exhibition. St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia
    2013 – Arts & Crafts Festival. Old Town Square. Limassol, Cyprus
    2012 – Curator: “Simple Things”. Audi Retail center. St. Petersburg, Russia
    2012 – Curator: “Hudozhniki Group Show”. Time Cafe, St. Petersburg, Russia
    2011 – Museum Anniversary Art Show. Erarta Museum. St. Petersburg, Russia
    2011 – Illustration published in Dress Code Fashion Magazine. St. Petersburg, Russia
    2010 – Graphic Art Show. Gallery “Anna”. St. Petersburg, Russia
    2009 – Quarterly Art Show, Emerging Artists section. Artists Union Gallery. St. Petersburg, Russia
    2008 – 1st prize in the “City views” competition among students of art schools. Moscow, Russia
    2007 – “Flowers” Exhibition. Central Exhibiting Hall. St. Petersburg, Russia
    2006 – The Young Artists Exhibition. Central Art House. Moscow, Russiac

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