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Energy, determination and passion: we are ready to overcome any obstacle to create a better society


Energy, determination and passion: we are ready to overcome any obstacle to create a better society


    Azia Maria Sammartano (b. 1984), aka essereILnonessere, is a  multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Turin.  

    In 2009 she graduated in Medicine from the University of Turin, and then  specialized in 2015 in "Phoniatrics and Audiology” at the University of Milan with special skills in Human Communication and Language. Over the years he has also earned several master's  degrees including those in Neuroscience and Neuropsychology.  He has always combined his scientific background with artistic research and  production. Attending over time various courses in drawing, collage, painting  and in particular a course in glass painting and glass mosaic. 

    In 2019 the artist graduated from SNIT (National School of Theatrical  Improvisation) and still continues his activity in the company Quinta Tinta in  Turin.  

    In 2023 he began participating in national and international competitions,  events and group exhibitions, believing that his aesthetic-artistic research was  finally ripe to be shared with the public. 

    Among the most notable events are the fair participations in Paratissima in  Turin, (un)fair in Milan and the London Contemporary Art Fair. As well as  selections for the Artist of Europe Award, Dubai Art Expo 2023, International  Grand Prize of the Art Press and the Mantua International Biennale of  Contemporary Art. 

    Azia Maria Sammartano's works have been exhibited in renowned  international venues, including the Teatro Ariston (Sanremo), Palazzo Albrizzi Capello (Venice), Miami River Art Fair Convention Center (Miami), Times  Square (New York), Dubai International Art Centre (Dubai), Galleria Antonio  Battaglia (Milan), Carrousel du Louvre (Paris), and The Line Contemporary Art  Space (London).

    As an artist, I try to cross the boundaries between science and art, exploring
    the complexity of human beings and contemporary society. Building on my
    medical-scientific training in human communication, neuroscience and
    neuropsychology, I use art as a means to create authentic connections and
    foster empathy in an increasingly digital world. With my art, therefore, I try to
    create bridges between the inner and outer worlds.
    For me, art is a way of existing, relating, expressing and discovering one's
    place in the world, a means of salvation for community and self.
    I draw inspiration from both individual emotions and the surrounding society,
    creating often abstract and cryptic works that leave space for the viewer's
    personal interpretation. I experiment with hybrid raw materials and
    heterogeneous techniques, such as painting, collage, photography, and
    unconventional poor materials, to express the complexity of the great issues
    of our time. My works are created to inspire, excite and bring reflection,
    encouraging positive change, individually and collectively.

    Emma Amos is a famous American painter who has addressed many important issues in her art, such as racism and feminism. His ability to tell stories through his paintings and address social and emotional issues inspires me deeply. Gyotaku is a Japanese printing technique that uses fish or other marine organisms as the matrix. The use of natural materials and the beauty of the details that can be achieved with this technique fascinate me and inspire me to explore new artistic possibilities. Yves Klein was a famous French artist known for his use of the color blue as a central element of his art. His ability to create emotional and vibrant works of art that impact the viewer pushes me to experiment with color and try to convey emotion through my work. These three sources of inspiration help me explore important themes and deepen my connection to the world. Each of these sources pushes me to experiment and develop my artistic style in new and interesting ways.

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