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    Beatriz-Cecilia Paredes is a Panama City based artist born in Panama, her figurative sculptures represent a state of being; a reflection of her own experience of being a woman.  After graduating with a bachelor's degree in communications, an innate desire to create drove her self-taught journey nurtured through visiting museums, galleries, art fairs, workshops, art books and the Internet all while raising two children.  She works in a variety of mediums in order to explore her creative process.

    Her works were exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art, Panama; Piag Museum, Coral Gables, FL; Anthropological Museum Reina Torres de Araúz, Panama; Juan Manuel Cedeño Gallery, National Institute of Culture, Panama; Club Gallery, Miami, FL among other venues.

    I’m always trying to find new ways to communicate a sense of deeper meaning within us all; I want my work to establish an emotional connection with the viewer. My sculptures come from a place of self-discovery, an inquisitiveness that explores the human condition.  My figurative forms reveal the subconscious repository of my thoughts, memories, emotions, and other aspects of my mind. Preliminary sketches help me as a starting point, from there, ideas evolve while conversing with the materials.

    I am interested in human complexities. I'm inspired by life itself, my work is biographical and centers in the individual, the basic unit of social structure.

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