Blanka Morikawa

Expressive abstract artist


Expressive abstract artist



    I am a self-taught artist, creating for a little over 2 years. I constantly seek opportunities to learn all aspects of art practice—from technical knowledge and creative inspiration, to business acumen and professional self-presentation—through attending both live and online courses and talks, listening to webinars and podcasts. Examples include the TransformArt lectures organised by Kunsthalle Praha, the Smartist School online course organised by Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig from Create! magazine, or the 2024 Professional Artist Summit organised by the Professional Artist Association.

    Exhibition record


    Oct 2023 Exhibited at the ‘Open ART Fest’ art fair, Prague, Czech Republic
    May 2023 Atelier45 – exhibiting works from students and lectors, Galerie Vrtbovské zahrady, Prague, Czech Republic
    Spring 2023 Works displayed in ‘Kafe jak Lusk’ coffee shop, Olomouc, Czech Republic
    Nov 2022 Co-organised and participated in a group show of beginner artists in Ponec Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic

    I am an expressive abstract painter based in Prague, Czech Republic. I work on canvas, currently I prefer to work on raw, unstretched canvas. My favourite mediums are acrylic paints, oil sticks & pastels and natural charcoal.

    I create abstract art as it gives me absolute freedom of expression and allows me to explore and express my inner-most feelings and thoughts that are often difficult to put into words.

    Art is also a form of meditation for me, as it forces me to access a state of flow – a connection to my true self as well as something much bigger than me, that flows and communicates through me and onto the canvas. Each piece tends to have a unique message, which I give a nod to in the title, though without explaining too much - just nudging the viewer to explore their own thoughts and feelings.

    I try to work as unpredictably as I can – from splashing watered-down paint on the canvas, letting it drip and mix; to using intuitive movements of my hands and body. I strive to create expressive abstraction that is impossible for the thinking mind to grasp, to allow the art to reach deeper into the observer’s feelings and imagination.

    In my current work, I focus on natural colours and minimal mark-making to create light, airy pieces, where space takes the centre stage, encouraging the viewer to explore space between forms.

    My goal is to help others connect with their true self and open their mind to a word behind the everyday. I believe that only through connecting to our true selves we can reach our full potential and create happy and honest lives for us and others.

    Expressive abstract art driven by inner feelings and motives. Natural colour palettes, minimalistic & expressive mark-making, organic shapes.

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