carographic by Carolyn Mielke

popart faces portrait paintings expressiv figurative contemporary carographic Carolyn Mielke


popart faces portrait paintings expressiv figurative contemporary carographic Carolyn Mielke


    Hailing from the heart of Lausitz in Cottbus, artist Carolyn Mielke, born in East Germany in 1983, has captivated the art world with her remarkable creative prowess. This extraordinary artistic journey commenced after her successful training in business and design, coupled with an impressive two-year stint as an Art Director in an international corporate group.

    Since 2011, Carolyn Mielke has dedicated herself to freelance work in painting, graphic design, and illustration. Along the way, she has garnered recognition from prominent clients in medium-sized enterprises, publishing houses, and public institutions.

    The decision to venture into the realm of artistry independently allowed Carolyn to explore her creative diversity across various forms of expression. Her artistic path, shaped by mixed media, hand drawings, and digital image editing, evolved into vibrant watercolors for textile prints and ultimately culminated in an intense focus on acrylic painting on large canvases.

    Carolyn Mielke's artistic development unfolded organically in various forms, including abstract contemporary art and expressive application of color through spatula techniques. Playing with color, contrast, and structure, she creates works that captivate with their emotional depth. The resulting emotionality forms the core foundation of her art.

    In 2015, Carolyn entered the art scene through exhibitions at the Living Room Gallery Cottbus (2015-2020) and regional art projects with Viva Con Aqua. Since 2019, she has successfully organized and hosted solo exhibitions in popup galleries at various locations.

    From 2020 onwards, Carolyn has gained international recognition, with her works featured in prestigious online galleries in Germany, France, Japan, and the USA. The inclusion in the illustrators' compendium "Freistil 7" in 2021 marked a significant milestone in her journey from a promising newcomer to a recognized painter.

    The year 2022 presented the exclusive opportunity of a six-month solo exhibition with Deutsche Bahn, while in 2023, her vibrant acrylic paintings were published in the Dutch art magazine "artistcloseup #11" and digitally represented during Art Week Miami 2023 at the artboxproject (CH) in the USA.

    Carolyn Mielke's art is characterized by emotional portraits that reveal themselves to the viewer in diverse ways. Her inspirational color experiments in the contemporary Pop-Art style evoke a myriad of emotions, bringing human attitudes or well-known personalities to life on vivid gallery canvases, fascinating with their rich colors and expressive allure. Her works are a captivating expression of an artistic journey that took her from Lausitz to the global stage of art.

    art portfolio by Carolyn Mielke

    Why see the world in black and white when there are colors?

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