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Painting Memories, preserving history.


Painting Memories, preserving history.


    Carol Santos is a Brazilian-born, Atlanta-based multidisciplinary artist. Her work is informed by her family’s and her own experiences. Santos' artistic vocabulary includes acrylics, oils, and natural pigments on canvas, sculptures, textiles, and conceptual and performance art. Carol's work is a conversation of past, present and future, inviting viewers to reflect on their experiences in a multicultural contemporary society. Santos's oral and visual history preservation comes through her exploration of giving new life to recycled materials and collaborative memories.

    Carol often curates an inclusive space where her children and friends are invited to participate in her work, transforming the narrative into a connected community. Her work is part of private collections in the US, Brazil, and Europe. She has exhibited nationally and virtually, her work has been published in Southeastern art and cultural publications and featured during the 2018 MA! Architectural Tour of Atlanta.

    Currently, Santos is finishing her thesis for her MFA in Painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she was awarded scholarships for both Achievement Graduate Studies and Academic Honors. She is a volunteer and intern at the Collections Department of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia and teaches art classes at the Abernathy Art Center, in Sandy Springs. Carol lives in Sandy Springs with her husband and three children. Her love of traveling, reading, cooking, and hosting friends is a foundational aspect of her work.

    My artistic journey is a fusion of personal experiences, introspection, and captivating ideas revolving around childhood, historical preservation, and the importance of familial traditions.
    Art became my conduit for the exploration and
    adoption of different mediums. Drawing deeply from personal experiences, my art weaves a narrative that delves into their impact on my children's lives. Nostalgia, once stigmatized, now serves as a bridge between my Brazilian past and my present identity.
    Through natural pigments and repurposed materials, I evoke nostalgia and the passage of time, paying homage to the laborious work of Brazilian women, notably my grandmothers.
    Each piece sparks conversations about personal and
    cultural identity, aiming to illuminate how our backgrounds shape us and how we navigate
    assimilation and belonging. Inspired by artists like Ana Elisa Egreja, Iexperiment with acrylics and oils,
    employing layers to symbolize time's passage. Incorporating free gestural movements adds
    spontaneity and energy. Influenced by Do Ho Suh's soft sculptures, my RagRug project embodies the exploration of domestic scenes and memory preservation. Drawing from abstract expressionism,
    mark-making techniques, layering, and color fields further evoke the passage of time within my work.
    Ultimately, my goal is to create art that elevates viewers' understanding of the human experience, encouraging reflection on their journey of self- discovery. Through these explorations, Iaim to bridge cultural divides, celebrating the richness of our collective heritage while honoring the nuances of individual experiences.
    +1 (404) 803.1026 | @carolatlantaart | / www.carols

    Childhood memories

    oral hisotry



    family customs


    Professional Services

    ART Sandy Springs, Queen Gallery, Art Consultant / Co-Curator | 2023 - Present

    Abernathy Art Center, Educator | 2023 - Present

    MOCA GA, Auction Manager | 2023 Hambidge Center for the Arts, Residency Juror | Winter 2024 Cycle

    MOCA GA, Collections Intern | 2023 Chastain Arts Center, Educator | 2023

    Atlanta Artist Center, Intern and Volunteer | 2021-2022

    Springmont First Montessori School of Atlanta, Volunteer, Fundraiser Chair | 2010-2017

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