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    Christine Rechnitzer, award winning contemporary neo-figurative and abstract visual artist

    “It is always fascinating to have a blank canvas in front of me and to dedicate my entire creative being to create an artwork. Joyfully immersing myself into a state without time and space – that is pure joy and fulfillment at the same time,” she says.

    Growing up in a creative and supporting environment she had her first exhibition at the age of 8, showing her paintings clipped to the clothesline in her parents’ garage. After graduating from Fashion School and more than 20 successful years in the pharmaceutical industry and international retail management, the path led her back to creative work. And she became what she is: a visual artist.

    Christine lives, paints, and works in Burgenland, Austria; She is a certified art therapist and conducts CreARTivity-Painting Workshops in which participants can discover, rediscover, and develop their own innate creativity.

    Classic and mixed reality exhibitions  in Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, North and South America

    womens essence award 2024


    The overall message of my work is very clear: life is a dance, dance it your way and even if you stumble just keep on dancing, stumbling is part of the dance. Life is beautiful no matter what. Everything else is a lie.  Art must be alive and perceived vividly, only then does it fulfill its purpose.

    Art should not just merely be consumed superficially by the viewer, the genuine purpose and when it is perceived as a whole and when one gets below the surface, that´s where a precious communication can be started, between the artist and the viewer.

    Her artistic vein derives from fashion and design; in addition to traditional materials, she uses coffee, salt and silk, and nail polish, among others, in her vibrant artworks, which communicate directly with the observer through shapes, colors, and words. Her artworks’ aim is to make the observer feel the beauty of movement, the beauty of life as such. Christine expresses in her works the power of living a life guided by our innate compass, as well as the process of reaching this state.


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