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    Haejin Yoo, is a self-taught acrylic artist born in Seoul, South Korea, but grew up in Australia who creates surrealistic expressionist art to evoke past and present emotions.

    In her artistic exploration, Haejin extends beyond the canvas, integrating mixed media such as acrylics, textiles, carpentry, and spray paint. Her intention is to breathe life into the image, surpassing the constraints of a flat surface. Whether painting onto the frame itself or infusing various materials, each element contributes to the illusion of her surreal expressions.

    Haejin's artistic passion was discovered at a young age but was suppressed until her late twenties. Following an early career in the sciences has allowed Haejin to apply her skills towards a greater understanding of acrylics and other artistic mediums. She now lives in Cologne, Germany, where she exhibits her work across Europe.

    Haejin's achievements include winning the Merit Prize Award from Teravarna's International Juried Art Competition (2023), the Artist Expert Award (2022) presented by renowned art critic, Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi., and the First Prize Abstract Award at FIRA International Art Fair Barcelona 2022. Notably, 'Woman in the Bath III' was selected to be the main artwork to promote The Other Art Fair London 2024, being displayed on exhibition collateral and a large 3+ metre banner in the heart of London. Haejin has been featured by Artfinder and Saatchi Art on several occasions, and has exhibited at The Other Art Fair London and Los Angeles in 2023.

    I'm Haejin Yoo, a self-taught acrylic artist navigating the surreal and symbolic within our modern world. In many of my works, I’ve embraced carpentry to include built-in frames that intensify the illusion in my art.

    My inspiration lies in our modern concept of persona—a fluid entity shaped by social interactions and the ever-evolving dynamics of our lives. As we get older, I observe how we develop and refine our persona in various facets of life.

    The canvas for my exploration is the bathroom, a sanctuary where our truest selves emerge. In this intimate space, I delve into the profound concept of "private thought," seeking to capture the tranquillity that arises in moments of solitude. Each stroke aims to foster a sense of relief.

    The series, "Woman in the Bath," originating as a self-portrait, transforms into a broader reflection on identity. The androgynous figures within private spaces transcend traditional gender norms, providing a universal backdrop for introspection. Delicate flowers, veiled in a clear translucent liquid, symbolise the persona—fragile, beautiful, and revealing the concealed essence of self.

    My ultimate goal is to evoke a collective sigh, a relatable sense of relief for viewers encountering the raw authenticity of private thoughts.

    • May 2024 - ‘Woman in the Bath III’ selected by Chief Curator, Rebecca Wilson of Saatchi Art for New This Week 05-13-2024.
    • May 2024 - ‘Woman in the Bath VII’ selected by Chief Curator, Rebecca Wilson of Saatchi Art for New This Week 05-06-2024.
    • April 2024 - ‘Gladiola’ selected by Chief Curator, Rebecca Wilson of Saatchi Art for New This Week 04-29-2024.
    • April 2024 - Top 100 Artists to Watch in 2024, HUG100 - founded by Randi Zuckerburg and curated by representatives from the NYC Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Christie’s, The Shed, Artnet, Society of Illustrators, New York University Abu Dhabi Art Gallery - judged from over 2500 artworks. The HUG100 will be a hard cover printed book made available at the Danish Royal Library in Copenhagen.
    • April 2024 - ‘Woman in the Bath VI’ selected by Head Curator, Lorr Ye of HUG to exhibit during HUGFest 2024 at Canvas 3.0 Gallery located in New York City's iconic Oculus at the World Trade Center
    • April 2024 - Suboart Magazine Full Page Feature of Woman in the Bath VI
    • March 2024 - ‘Woman in the Bath III’ selected by Chief Curator, Rebecca Wilson of Saatchi Art for New This Week 03-18-2024
    • March 2024 - Women United Art Magazine - Issue VI
    • March 2024 - The Other Art Fair, London, UK - Main Art Fair Banner Artist - judged from over 1000 artworks
    • February 2024 - Women United Art Movement “Stronger Together - Winter 2024” virtual gallery exhibition
    • October 2023 - ‘Friendship Ending’ selected by the Artfinder Staff Pick for Floral Picks
    • September 2023 - The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles, USA
    • August 2023 - Winner of the Merit Prize Award from Teravarna
    • July 2023 - Interview by Women’s United Art Movement
    • May 2023 - Interview by Suboart Magazine: International Art Magazine for Emerging Artists
    • April 2023 - ‘Crane Picnic’ selected by Chief Curator, Rebecca Wilson of Saatchi Art for New This Week 04-03-2023
    • March 2023 - The Other Art Fair, London, UK
    • February 2023 - ‘Slump' selected by Senior Curator, Megan Wright of Saatchi Art for "Curator Picks: The Other Art Fair London"
    • February 2023 - "i live in a burning house" selected by Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory of Saatchi Art for New This Week 02-06-2023
    • February 2023 - 'Crane Picnic' was selected by the Artfinder Staff Pick for Surrealism
    • February 2023 - Featured in Arte Magazine, Italy
    • December 2022 - Impronte d'Arte, Bergamo, Italy (WINNER: Artist Expert Award judged by Vittorio Sgarbi, Italian Art Critic, Art Historian, Politician, TV personality, and Mayor of Sutri) & featured on Italian TV
    • November 2022 - Fira Internacional d'Art Barcelona, Spain​ (WINNER: First Prize Abstract Award)
    • April 2021 - Artland Online Solo Exhibition, represented by Azaro Artspaces
      December 2020 - Certificate of Artistic Achievement, Luxembourg Art Prize. Awarded to artists for recognition of high artistic quality
    • November 2019 - 'Little Treasures', Galleria De' Marchi​, Bologna, Italy
    • October 2019 - 'Visions', Anima Mundi Festival, THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space​, Venice, Italy​
    • August 2019 - Amsterdam International Art Fair​
    • May 2019 - Nowart, Werkkunst Gallery, Hamburg (WINNER: Public Vote Award)
    • January 2019 - Women in Art, a Dialogue, Werkkunst Gallery, Hamburg
    • April 2017 - Live Art Showcase, Canvas Bar, Sydney
    • November 2016 - Live art showcase, Canvas Bar, Sydney
    • October 2016 - The Space Gallery, Sydney
    • ​September 2016 - Surry Hills Festival, Sydney
    • September 2016 - Art Pop-Up, Sydney Fringe Festival 2016, Sydney
    • October 2015 - The Other Art Fair, Sydney
    • September 2014 - Sydney Fringe Festival 2014, Sydney
    • September 2014 - RAW Natural Born Artist Showcase 2014, San Francisco
    • November 2013 - RAW Natural Born Artist Showcase 2013, Sydney
    • November 2013 - Gallery Eight Exhibition, Sydney

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