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Artist propelled by curiosity, intuition, and self-proclaimed wit.


Artist propelled by curiosity, intuition, and self-proclaimed wit.


    My name is Ivy, and my work is about curiosity…

    It has also unintentionally become the guiding principle in my life. The very best adventures of my life have unfolded whenever I’ve followed my intuition and held on tight, even when it hasn’t looked like any other person’s life I could compare to. In an ideal World, I think I could have 50 lives running at the same time and still miss out on learning everything I’d like to learn, because there are so many different expressions of creativity to be completely captivated by.

    Both in dance and in painting I like to find the expressive quality behind how a shape is created and become lost in the process. Creating art for me is about letting go of the perfectionism goblin and allowing intuition to take over. I love creating work that feels like reaching into another realm that is similar to ours but just a little… off. The art I make seems to be a reflection of my brain and how it exists both here and somewhere else at the same time. A somewhere else place I like to call, “the in-between.”

    The in-between is the place we all know when we’re children but start to forget as we grow up. I like to visualize it as a Universe that runs side by side to ours, one that you can catch glimpses of when you’re fully invested in creating something OR watching something be created. I LIVED in the in-between my entire childhood, like a lot of kids do. The in-between allowed for fairies, grand adventures to lands unknown, flight, time-travel, spirits, mind-reading, and above all….  Sanctuary.
    I didn’t know back then that creating art was a part of how I fed my heart, but what ensued has guided me throughout the last 30 years.

    If I could have one HOPE for those who view my work, it’s that it speaks to the creative part of your heart and feels beautiful to you. I hardly understand what IT is that propels me to make the work that I do, but I think every person craves to find the same wonder and magic that was palpable as a child in everyday life.

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