Jay Lee

A nomad from Seoul. Now in Brooklyn, New York.


A nomad from Seoul. Now in Brooklyn, New York.


    A Mom, a Nomad, and an Artist

    Jay Lee’s art weaves together reflective and prospective nostalgia, essence of nomadism, and deeply personal journey from early motherhood. Spanning from Seoul to various cities and natural landscapes across the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and now the UK her work melds urban vibrancy with natural serenity. Through a diverse palette of materials, her pieces explore themes of personal journey and discovery, offering a vivid exploration of life's contrasting spaces and the passage of time. This artistic voyage invites us into a world where each creation uniquely narrates her story.

    website: www.whywhatmatters.com

    instagram: instagram.com/jay.art.making/

    Artist Statement

    I am a nomadic, visual artist from Seoul, South Korea, deeply engaged in the exploration of reflective and prospective nostalgia, alongside the essence of nomadism. I work with painting, installation, sculpture, ceramic, photography, and other location-specific medium that emerges as I become aware of what I want to explore at the specific time and location. My art is a perpetual journey of self-discovery, weaving together dreams and emotions with the landscapes I traverse. Each city, with its unique tempo, and the serene expanses I've resided, serve as the backdrop for my creative exploration, fostering a dialogue between my past, present, and the future.

    The pulse of diverse environments and the passage of time at each location informs my work, helping me reconcile with my emotions and reconfigure the tapestry of my life. My experiences, especially those shaped by early motherhood and stepping away from conventional societal expectations, are viewed through my courage and entrepreneurial spirit. This perspective encourages me to embrace change and the opportunities it brings, liberating me from the constraints of guilt and fear.

    In my artistic practice, the selection of materials is often a serendipitous process, influenced by the places I dwell in and the people I meet there. This approach allows me to utilize various materials that not only carry meanings pertinent to my current location but also forge connections to my previous ones. This method is an integral part of my nomadic ethos, reflecting a journey that transcends physical spaces to delve into a profound exploration of reflective and prospective nostalgia for the myriad places I've called home, both real and imagined.

    My work celebrates the fluid dynamics of human connections and the cycles of nature, symbolizing life’s interconnectedness and the ongoing process of renewal. Guided by imagination, playfulness, and a relentless spirit of experimentation, my artistic process stands as a testament to art's transformative power. In my universe, art bridges memory and possibility, reflecting the myriad hues of my entrepreneurial and adventurous soul across different time and locations.

    Through my art, I extend an invitation to embark on a journey that goes beyond the confines of a nomadic lifestyle, venturing into the inner terrains of belonging, identity, and the yearning for a home that transcends geography. This path, paved with reflective and prospective nostalgia, is a pursuit to decipher the fluid mosaic of my identity, perpetually molded by motion and change.

    • Nomadism
    • Reflective and prospective nostalgia
    • Motherhood and womanhood
    • Nature
    • New geolocations and glocal/local culture
    • Found objects
    • Sense of belonging and community

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