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Jen Haefeli: Brushing Life with Vibrant Strokes.


Jen Haefeli: Brushing Life with Vibrant Strokes.


    InterArtist Jen Haefeli learned to create pinch pots with Carolina the gully behind her home as a child. The sun-dried pots usually didn’t last long, but eventually, with each type of studio art she learned, she amassed a portfolio of skills. Landing on InterArts and becoming George Mason University’s first graduate in the program, she is right at home with moving fluidly between studio practices. She often mixes her media. Drawing and painting, sculpture, and sewn work are usual suspects in her creative spaces, and when she finds objects that begin to tell her a story, a new piece is born.

    Jen is a dedicated educator and advocate who believes these arms of her artistry empower her work. She is a member of the National Association of Women Artists, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Greater Pittsburgh Art Council, Creative York, and Rochester Contemporary Art Center. Jen serves on the boards of the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh, as well as Harvest107 based in Port au Prince, Haiti. Jen is a member of the Southwest Pennsylvania chapter of United Way, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Jen opened her company Wild Root Creations in 2008.

    Travel, music, memory, and social events shaping our world are all laced into Jen’s work. The tow line is her signature style. Regardless of the substrate, Jen’s work carries a unique dimension-filled comfort and warmth. Her historically conscious & socially relevant pieces are made to leave her viewers challenged to seek more information on the subject matter.

    Jen believes that we are all capable of creativity and says, "If you have a gully behind your house, make some pinch pots. We can all start somewhere.”

    I enjoy Communicating a story in many ways. I have the pleasure and enjoyment of exploring the creative process and find the blank canvas to be a surface that is begging to be transformed. I hope that what I translate through brush strokes, splashes of bold color, drips, and contour will reveal not only my story but an adventure of wonder for the viewer where color emerges, shapes and objects reveal themselves and a meaning of their own comes into context.

    Inspiration: Music, travel, history, dance, food, maps, and stories of tenacious & spirited women of the past who didn’t back down when faced with adversity.

    Theme: Wild and Free.


    • Non-profit work in Haiti
      Affiliation with: Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, United Way, American Heart Association

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