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Refuse to fade away!


Refuse to fade away!


    As a contemporary abstract floral artist, I craft large-scale acrylic canvases exploring the beauty and resilience of nature as a mirror to the human experience. My art is a dialogue on unity, respect, and the profound connections between society and the environment. Embracing vibrant colors and abstract forms, I delve into the rich tapestry of emotions, aiming to ignite reflection and a sense of interconnectedness in the viewer. My practice transcends aesthetics, challenging norms and championing strength, especially in the context of women and aging. Each piece is an invitation to engage with deeper issues and embrace change, blending visual allure with a meaningful ethos.

    Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists

    Member of the Society of Canadian Artists,

    Gallery contract Award- 2023                        Naples, Florida

    Purchase Award            2022                         Cincinnati, Ohio

    Award 2021 Summit Artist of the Year ADC Art Design Consultants

    Artist Value certificate by  Akoun,  an independent art market dealer

    latest shows

    March 2024              Superfine                               San Fransisco, USA

    Nov 2023                 Superfine SF                            USA

    Nov 2022                  ArtFair 14C Jersey                  USA

    Aug. 2022.               Solo show   ADC fine art,         Cincinnati, USA

    Apr-May 2018         “ Botanica”  Cultural centre,       Aurora

    Apr. 2016                  Art Expose, Hogs Hollow,         Toronto

    Dec. 2014                “My Garden”       Gallery1313,  Toronto

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