Kimberly Frimel

Mixed Media Artist


Mixed Media Artist


    Kimberly Frimel  is an interdisciplinary artist out of South Florida. She received her B.A. in Drawing from the Cleveland State University and has continued studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Kimberly has recently completed Artist in Residence as well as a solo show in June 2023, she conducted workshops as well as an Artist talk for her ‘Journey of the Spirit’ show. She currently holds creative workshops to promote creative expression and healing with art, and hopes to expand into deeper areas of such.

    As a survivor of domestic violence amongst other mental health battles, they have deeply influenced her artistic process. Time and healing have been vital in order to overcome the immense disconnect of her creativity to her soul. Her work expresses the complexities and nuances of her experiences, reflecting how to navigate the creative path and deal with life's challenges through artistic expression. 

    Having always been inspired by natural elements, I lean towards working with untreated and handmade papers or raw canvas. The textures and elements of the materials I choose have unique characteristics and have profound effects on the way a piece can look and feel when applied with different mediums. Much of my time before beginning a piece will be contemplation on what materials are best suited for the inspired subject matter.

    I feel my pieces are each individual, expressive and emotional creations that emerge from an intentional tonal background created specific to each subject. The textured or ink splotched paper or canvas are usually created in stages, normally with a lapse of time in between. The forms, textures or shapes that emerge, then tell me the story of what will come next.

    I feel I celebrate the absence of color, and love to bring to life the beauty in rich values and contrasts of my favorite media.

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