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    Laurie Kwo is a Hawaiian -born artist based in Chicago, Illinois who is building a following as an abstract painter. Her creative journey, which began at age six, has taken her through the fashion industry and high-end interior design, and sharply attuned her passion for capturing the essence of the world around her. She has produced works for sale in galleries and executed commission pieces that are a part of private art collections. Her original abstract artwork, sourced from personal experience, is an exploration of classic feminine themes and delves deep into human vulnerability.

    Through the years, Laurie has honed her signature painting style. She studied Interior Design at Indiana University and expanded her learning at the Harrington College of Design. Chief among her influences is Nicholas Wilton, whom she cites as having the greatest impact on her creative process. He taught her to paint from her soul, not from a picture, to trust her intuition, and let the expression take it's own course. In late 2019, as an extension of his Creative Visionary Program, in Sayulita, Mexico, she met and worked alongside Wilton and his coaches. Since this life-changing experience, her work has become a true reflection of herself as an artist.

    Having collaborated with architects, designers, and home owners, Laurie understands the importance of meeting deadlines and what goes into the delivery of a superior customer experience She brings a keen sense of design and many years of practical managerial experience in the corporate world and is prepared for the challenges of running a creative business.


    As an intuitive painter, I find inspiration in the process of making art. Often it's a color, texture or shape that sparks a memory. In response, I add marks using crayons, oil pastels and pencils adding details to tell a story.

    Layer by layer, I search for beauty in the chaos. Mistakes happen and I embrace them as they are valuable lessons in art and life.

    My muse is my younger self. She is fun, rebellious and fearless when making art.

    While abstract in nature, each painting is it's own singularity that reveals itself slowly overtime, allowing the viewer to have their own experience with the work.

    My art is sourced from within, I reference my life experiences and sharing my art is how I best connect with others.

    My paintings are gestural and expressive. There is an overall softness to my work. a quality that is transmitted through color and texture. Pastel tones of pink and blue are pre dominant. One thread that consistently runs through my work is the idea of feminine strength and overcoming adversity. An observer astutely described it as "Quiet Strength"

    My creative process is intuitive, typically taking me to the un known. I work in mixed media on paper and canvas. I begin applying paint, then add marks and continue to layer until I have something that interests me.

    The Lydian- Private Collection of 34 Abstract Paintings - Chicago Illinois

    Represented : The Collective Dallas

    Published: Arts to Hearts Magazine



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