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A Remembered Purity


A Remembered Purity


    Maddison Olivia grew up in southern California where the sun always shined and the palm trees danced. The summer before going into college Maddison decided to create a painting and to her surprise it spoke volumes of natural skill. From there, Maddison decided to study at the Milan Art Institute to grow her skills and style in a traditional yet expressive drawing and painting program. Soon she began to take it as a sign to pursue what her heart had been telling her since college where she would always ask herself, “What is my gift? If I could only know my gift I could pursue it full force and with a full heart.” Maddison’s path to an art career has come with obstacles and great inner resistance that she had to face in order to pursue her career. Maddison Olivia is a valuable artist to collect from because her art will only gain in value as nothing stops a fire once it roars.

    Elements of fire, air, earth, ether, and water are intentionally thought about and integrated as concepts into her paintings. Maddison creates her paintings based on internal stories and metaphors that are going on in her life at each moment. Painting is how she expresses her internal dialogue and emotions. Maddison states, “My art is an expression of myself and how I see everything. I look at my art with a pure heart to see its true essence and energy.” 

    Maddison is passionate about continually bringing art into this world as she says, “My intention is to bring healing for myself and all who want to engage in my art. May it uncover our inner truths and bring a remembered purity into the lives we lead.”

    As a way to encapsulate my masculine and feminine energy I sign my first and middle name on my paintings as Maddison Olivia. I love to incorporate a balance between emotional and artistic depth in my oil paintings. My purpose is to merge heaven and earth through paint, color, and imagery to help heal our world.

    Insight into how I go about painting Surreal Expressionism Art.

    My process can be viewed as having a balance between energies — both masculine and feminine. I love to have intentional control over my paintbrush as I allow the expressive emotions flow through my body, from my core and onto the canvas. My oil paintings lend towards a tasteful and sophisticated monochromatic paint palette. When choosing imagery to paint I use my own photography that I capture as well as poetic words beneath the painting as a first layer to begin using intentional inspiration. I strive to use environmentally friendly & natural painting materials for my art both oil and sometimes acrylic as a first layer. Using clean products in my creative process is a high priority for me as I continually work to create emotional depth and high contrast throughout all of my paintings.

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