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Vivid & detailed abstract artist, harnessing chaos.


Vivid & detailed abstract artist, harnessing chaos.


    Mary-Jo Lough is a vibrant and highly detailed abstract artist based in Calgary, Alberta. She brings her distinctive vision to life on stretched canvas using acrylic and multi-media techniques. Committed to honing her craft, Mary-Jo has completed various university-level art courses and attended numerous workshops. She has received mentorship from Master artists and has facilitated several artist groups with Mastrius, an online artist mentoring organization.

    In 2023, Mary-Jo achieved active membership status in the Federation of Canadian Artists through a successful jury selection process. Beyond her individual artistic pursuits, she serves on the planning committee for the Calgary Artists Studio Tour, now in its third year.

    Notable highlights in Mary-Jo's artistic journey include the feature of her triptych piece "The Sky is Crying" on the main stage at the Calgary Renovation Show in collaboration with Vancouver Interior Designer Jamie Banfield in 2020. Her piece "Good Thing Gone" earned recognition in Gallea's "The Best of Abstract Art" in 2020, and in 2021, "Complicated Contentment" received the same honor.

    Mary-Jo showcased her interactive piece, "To Flourish," in the 2022 Boxed Stories project at LOFT 112 in Calgary, Alberta. She held solo exhibitions for her Divergent collection in 2021 and her Atypical collection in 2022 at LOFT112. Additionally, she successfully passed jury selection into the collective show "Abstract² - The Square Foot Show" in 2022 and, in 2023, into the PI Art Squared exhibition hosted by the Toronto-based Alchemy Arts. Mary-Jo also contributed five pieces to the juried Federation of Canadian Artists "Winter Show" in 2023.

    In the fall of 2023, Mary-Jo collaborated with local photographer Kelly Szott for The Body Project, hosting a well-attended exhibit at the 500 Social Club. The showcase featured 12 original abstract figurative pieces, further demonstrating the dynamic range of Mary-Jo's artistic exploration.

    My work is a form of self-portraiture, with each piece offering a glimpse into my interior world. The challenge of establishing order despite, working from a foundation of chaos, is the foundation of my artistic process and mirrors my experience with ADHD. Backgrounds of energetic collage and transparent acrylic layers symbolize the perpetual barrage of over-stimulation, while the overlapping pattern and line illustrate my ability to transform disorder into coherence. Energetic, bold, and intricately detailed, my work is the visual language of how I harness my internal chaos.

    Inspired by the dynamism of intense extremes and the interplay of competing forces, I purposefully integrate contrast into my work, utilizing variations in color, value, mark-making, and shapes. This intentional incorporation of contrast adds depth and serves as a means of storytelling. By juxtaposing elements in this way, I aim to create a multisensory experience for viewers, guiding them on a visual journey that vividly personifies the vibrant energy and tension inherent in the convergence of diverse elements.

    My unique perspective and experience as an individual with ADHD inform the authenticity and distinctiveness of my artwork. Through my creative expressions, I aim to offer a genuine portrayal of my lived experiences, contributing to a broader narrative that challenges preconceptions about neurodiversity. This adds depth to my artistic endeavors and serves as a
    catalyst for fostering understanding and empathy, promoting a more inclusive perspective on the diverse ways individuals navigate the world.

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