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    May is a versatile artist based in Los Angeles, creating vibrant landscapes, portraits, abstract art, and still life plein air painter who also does illustrations for children’s books using various mediums. Influenced by her filmmaking, fashion, and dance background, her art embodies classic and contemporary elegance, reflecting seascapes, nature, and abstract forms. Her emotive artwork brings beauty to any home.

    I have been creating art since childhood, reflecting my views on life. Each brushstroke embodies my intuition and emotions. Infusing love into every artwork, I aim to evoke deep emotions and enrich spaces with the essence of love and beauty.

    Go to for commission information and for her latest painting collections.

    May is an award-winning filmmaker and actor who focuses primarily on voiceover. Her two recent film poster illustrations won the top ten in new poster design for Focus Features' twentieth-anniversary film poster competition for Pride and Prejudice and The Phantom Thread. She has several children's books written by fellow actress and author Rachel Boston, which she is illustrating. They are called Amazing Grace.

    She plays lead roles in two video games that are coming out soon. She is also in the Tom Clancy Division 2 video game as Cindy McAllister.

    All these artistic avenues of hers lend their strength to her artwork.

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