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"Happy Art" inspired by Nature, made for Color Lovers


"Happy Art" inspired by Nature, made for Color Lovers


    Hi there! I’m Namira, and I am a contemporary abstract artist based in Dubai, U.A.E. My work mainly focuses on color perceptions, and the underlying theme in all of my work is flowers. I combine traditional painting techniques with contemporary abstract themes, creating a unique visual language that resonates not only with art lovers, but also flower enthusiasts. I love seeing happy people around me, and my studio’s mission is to boost serotonin levels with my colorful pieces and contribute to spreading that joy!


    I am entirely self-taught in all mediums I work in, with many years of practice that helped me perfect my craft so I could hone my skills, keep evolving, and find my true artistic voice. In college, I decided to continue on a line of study which I could use to support my main passion. I kept my field of study as Business, obtaining a BBA, and then a Masters degree in Marketing. I wanted to become a fully self-sustained artist who knew how to market herself and her art - and that is how I started making art sales online in 2019.

    My artistic vision revolves around color, and drawing inspiration from flowers and their unparalleled beauty. My trademark as an artist is combining traditional painting techniques with textured elements, accompanied by vivid color palettes.

    As an artist, expression of color means everything for me in my work. I am deeply passionate about capturing the essence of flowers in striking color palettes, and I try to incorporate Chromology into my work, which is the study of psychology behind color. I meticulously craft color palettes that dance in perfect harmony to represent joy in my paintings and remind the viewer of the beauty found all around us in nature. And after having my daughter (who’s just turned 3), she is there as a daily reminder as to why I love flowers! I call her Lily.


    - BBA (major in Marketing)
    - MA - Master of Digital Marketing


    ‘ATARAXIA’ Group Exhibition
    Date: April 2023
    Location: Picasso Gallery
 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    ‘Absolutely Abstract’ Group Exhibition
    Date: June-July 2023
    Location: Pullman Hotel,
    Dubai, U.A.E

    ‘Hypostasis’ Group Exhibition
    Date: June 2023
    Location: Bedia Gallery,
 Dubai, U.A.E

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