Narges Valibeigi

Woman, Life, Freedom


Woman, Life, Freedom


    Narges Valibeigi is a California-based Iranian origin collage artist. Immersed in the unconventional, she delves into collage art, defying boundaries and inviting viewers into a realm where imagination knows no bounds.

    As an immigrant sociologist scholar, with a background steeped in the exploration of new communication technologies and their profound impact on cultural identity, she discovered that words alone could not encapsulate the depth of her experiences as a first-generation immigrant.

    For her, collage is a democratic medium, by which disparate materials form a symphony of social activism and emotion. Focusing on women's life experiences, Narges unravels tales of resilience and introspection, weaving threads of longing, belonging, transformation, and challenges faced by women in both familiar and foreign landscapes. Each collage holds a fragment of her narrative, a testament to her courage. With each cut, tear, glue, and stitch, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, unveiling a kaleidoscope of emotions and bravery.

    After the uprising of the Woman, Life, Freedom movement in Iran in 2022, I began creating collages more earnestly, recognizing it as the most democratic medium in art. Being outside Iran, I was horrified and devastated by what was happening to the women in my homeland. Though I couldn't do much to support them directly, I realized that through collage, I could honor the sovereignty and power of women. I have since created many pieces that express how I, and many women like me, feel about the sexism and male chauvinism in our society.

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