Natalie Reyne

Broken like you


Broken like you


    Natalie Reyne is an artist based in Los Angeles, whose work is renowned for storytelling through canvas. Originally from Krupki, Belarus, where she was born in 1989, Reyne transitioned from a background in economics and digital design to pursue her passion for art. Despite her initial hesitation due to a non-traditional art education, Reyne's journey in the art world was profoundly shaped by her belief that the essence of art transcends academic achievements. This conviction led her to explore art's potential to express personal and political narratives.

    Reyne's artistry underwent a significant transformation following her participation in protests against political oppression in Belarus in 2020, which resulted in her forced emigration to the United States due to threats of criminal charges. Her experiences of political activism and imprisonment have deeply influenced her work, infusing it with themes of freedom, resistance, and personal struggle. In the U.S., Reyne has become an active figure in the art scene, contributing to charity art exhibitions and participating in notable events such as LA Fashion Week and various art fairs across California and Missouri.

    Her work, characterized by its narrative depth and emotional authenticity, has gained recognition through solo and group exhibitions. A highlight of her career was the "Dead Inside" solo exhibition in Santa Clarita, California, in 2023, showcasing her commitment to exploring complex emotional and social themes. Reyne's art is a testament to her resilience, creativity, and unwavering dedication to making a statement through her pieces, establishing her as a poignant voice in contemporary art. Through her journey from Belarus to the U.S., Reyne exemplifies the power of art as a vehicle for personal expression and political commentary, making her a notable figure in the global art community.

    In my art, I find a profound means of conveying the depths of my feelings and thoughts, transcending the limitations of language. It serves as a conduit for sharing my most intimate emotions and reflections with others, in a manner that is both unguarded and captivating. My creations are more than mere self-portraits; they are mirrors reflecting the broader narrative of the human condition. Each artwork narrates a tale, encapsulating the quintessence of moments, sensations, or experiences that resonate on both a personal and universal scale.

    As an artist, my ambition is to engage my audience in a conversation that elicits shared emotions and fosters a connection that surpasses the verbal. Through my paintings, I aspire to stir feelings and stimulate contemplation, urging viewers to peer beneath the facade to grasp the intricacies and allure of the human saga.

    Currently, my focus has shifted towards addressing issues surrounding mental health. This evolution reflects a commitment not only to personal expression but also to utilizing my art as a medium for awareness and dialogue. By integrating themes of mental well-being into my work, I aim to illuminate the complexities of mental health, challenging societal perceptions and encouraging a deeper understanding and empathy towards these crucial aspects of our lives.

    Art, for me, transcends its role as a mere vehicle of self-expression; it becomes a powerful instrument for communication and connection. It allows me to narrate my journey, offering a voice to my experiences and a chance to be truly heard and comprehended. Through this lens, I not only share my perspective but also contribute to a broader conversation on mental health, underscoring the significance of art as a catalyst for change and understanding in today's world.

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