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Nicole Maloof: Infusing Life with Colorful Perspectives.


Nicole Maloof: Infusing Life with Colorful Perspectives.


    Nicole Maloof is a Washington, DC-based artist and recent MFA graduate from American University. She graduated from Boston College in 2019 with degrees in both Studio Art and Psychology. Her art practice engages themes surrounding the abject body, seduction, and perception. Maloof was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was four years old. As someone with an autoimmune disease, she is constantly aware of the inner workings of the body. She hopes to bring this level of awareness to the viewer through material exploration. She often creates work that straddles a line between repulsion and seduction necessary to mystify the viewer into self-reflection.

    Maloof is materially driven; she is dependent on investigation and uses conventional art materials including plaster, resin, and acrylic paint, in combination with used medical supplies, hard candy, and Jell-O in order to explore the way manipulation can alter the read of an object. Her alteration and transformation of materials mimic the transformation that occurs within her own body when synthetic insulin is administered and sugar is absorbed from the bloodstream into the cells.

    Maloof works at HEMPHILL Artworks in downtown Washington, DC as the Gallery Associate/Social Media Manager. While in school, Maloof received the Babs Van Swearingen Memorial Award from American University. She will have her work published in Suboart Magazine in the Summer of 2023 and in Studio Visit Magazine at the beginning of 2024. Maloof was a remote Artist in Residence with GlogauAIR based in Berlin, Germany in Fall 2022 and is participating in exhibitions with Midwest Nice at Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD, Fountain Street Gallery in Boston, MA, the Attleboro Arts Museum in Attleboro, MA and Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA during Summer 2023.

    My practice engages themes of assumption, expectation, seduction, and the abject body. I investigate my relationship with my body and its implications in the world through material exploration and abnormal forms. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was four years old. By working with homemade hard candy, Jell-O, and spent medical supplies, in combination with plaster, acrylic paint, and resin, I seek to challenge expectations as I create bizarre artworks that are humorous, ironic, childlike, and disturbing all at once.

    I create sculptures comprised of thousands of molds by casting my used Autosoft 90 Infusion Sets. The Autosoft 90 Infusion Sets insert a cannula in my body where the insulin I administer enters; I use one set every three days and have done so since I was six years old. At this point, I have used approximately 2,335 Infusion Sets throughout my life.

    Throughout the sculptures, there is an overwhelming sense of collection, material, and excess. Hundreds of repeating shapes pile upon each other highlighting the sheer amount of these items I have used in my life. This begins to touch on medical waste, the burden that those with autoimmune diseases exist with every day, and the fragility of our bodies without modern science. The sculptures are simultaneously playful and twisted, seductive and repulsive based on their outer appearance and deeper meaning. Candy is a humorous material wrapped up in irony, resentment, and dependence. The degenerative forms that are entangled amongst the sculptures parallel the way that the insulin I administer breaks down sugar in the blood.

    My lived experience of Type 1 Diabetes is constant and dominant. While I do not view Diabetes as a negative, my art practice attempts to parse out the realities of living with this autoimmune disease in whichever media is necessary.


    Nicole Maloof's practice engages themes of assumption, expectation, seduction and the abject body.


      • (Not Strictly Painting), McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, VA.

      • About Face, Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA.

      • nice; 01, Midwest Nice, Johnson Fine Arts Center Gallery, Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD.

      • Used, Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA.

      • Women Art Prize Virtual Exhibition, Arts to Hearts Project.

      • Illuminating the Beauty of Science, Suboart Magazine

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