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I can move mountains with my pen


I can move mountains with my pen


    Nora Lebbos is a self-taught Franco-Lebanese artist. After a profession in Law and humanitarian field in China and Lebanon she's a freelance artist since 2021. She writes science-fiction novels and she paints.

    She draws and paints like she dreams. Characters in strange atmosphere, etheric presence... ghosts, and words. She is a mystical storyteller whose artworks have been featured in different artist magazines and interviews. She has been part of collective exhibitions in London, Rome and in Lebanon where she lives.

    She loves science-fiction and if she wasn't an artist she would have loved to be an astrophysicist... She is amazed by Life and the quantum universe, she feels the invisible around us and she aims through her artwork to express a message of liberation of Human's inner power.



    My visual artworks aim to express a message of liberation of Human’s inner power. I trust in the invisible realm and my artworks are the result of a deep inner work to evolve my consciousness and speak out the reality that we have forgotten, to recognize our power and freedom. Some of my creations play with transparency, lines, spirits, and the mysticism I feel all around us. Surrealists, brut art or abstract expressionism, I don’t identify them. I just flow with my intuition.


    - surrealism

    - science-fiction novels

    - brut art

    - fantasy

    - spiritual teaching and shamanism

    - laws of the Universe


    Collective hybrid Exhibition “Art Her Way” at Kulturnest, Beirut, Lebanon (8 March to May 8) : @Kulturnest

    Exhibition in Rome International Art Fair organized by Itsliquid group (8 to 21st March 2024) : @ItsLiquid Rome



    Interview in Magazine volume 5 No Name Collective Gallery

    Magazine volume 15 Suboart magazine

    Magazine The Purposeful Mayonnaise n. 3.4



    The Purposeful Mayo Gallery (TPM Gallery)

    Part of the collective online exhibition ‘Melange’ April 22 – May 22 : @Melange

    One artwork ‘Composite’ in the Issue 6 on April 2022



    Digital Chroma Agency: Interview with artworks in December 2021 edition.

    The Holy Art Gallery: collective exhibition in London on July 2021

    No Name Collective Gallery: Part of the collective 20





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