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My images tell stories


My images tell stories


    Olena Speakingtomato, a talented artist with over 15 years of experience creating breathtaking camera portraits. Born in Lithuania in 1981, Olena spent her childhood in Ukraine and currently resides in Turkey. Speakingtomato's artistic journey is an exploration that seamlessly blends traditional photography, cutting-edge AI technology, and the profound theme of emotion. With a solid foundation in camera portraiture spanning 15 years and two decades of Adobe Photoshop expertise, the artist's trajectory took an intriguing turn during a period of immobilization in 2022, giving birth to a fascination with Al.

    Since July 2022, Olena Speakingtomato has been exclusively immersed in creating digital art through Al, meticulously enhanced by Adobe Photoshop. The resulting figurative pieces, a blend of modernism, surrealism and symbolism, have been exhibited worldwide.

    Olena is an active member of MAIF, a collective of artists who use AI tools in their work, and EW collective, a community of surrealists. As an art collector herself, she owns over 200 blockchain artworks created by AI artists.

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