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Layer it on!


Layer it on!


    These color palettes and compositions reflect my deep roots in New England. Dividing my time between Massachusetts and Maine, coast and lake, influences my marks, shapes and spaces, as did attending art school in the late 1970’s. My current  work is informed by formal elements, the picture plane, movement and mark-making combined with a love of experimenting with  materials, the unique qualities of paint, and balancing differences. Nearly three decades of teaching art fed my desire to nurture while affording me the luxury of being a lifelong learner. Currently I am embracing the freedom of a full time studio practice, surrounded by my family.  Finding myself, voice and place through my work. Discovering, healing, teaching, choosing, creating, learning, loving every moment. Grateful that I get to spend my days doing work that I love, seeing my work in physical and online exhibits, with new collectors, in publications and making connections.

    I go to the sunrise, to the same beach. Tides come in, then out, leaving behind a different trace.The same place, yet never the same. That is my act of painting. I come to the studio, put out paint, begin the process, start the ebb and flow. At the end of the day, the tide has receded and nothing is the same. Each mark, color and stroke is a new discovery.

    Working with acrylic paint allows me to layer traces of what is becoming. Charcoal, graphite, crayon, stencils, lace all lend themselves to the story. A mark, a response, a color, a response, a movement, a response, a sound, a response, a feeling, a response, a pain, a response, a smell, a response. Wild crazy marks, frenetic energy slashes followed by a slow mark tracing a path. I am the tortoise and the hare dancing together all at once.

    I paint  because it brings me joy and like breathing sustains my life. I paint to understand myself and the world around me. I paint to bring me closer to who I am and who I am meant to be. I paint to heal, to see, to be.

    I am inspired by the nature of New England, Coast and lake, marsh and mountain. Also by my family and friends, past and present. Floral works appear often in between intense series of works as a meditation. I am inspired by the physical uniqueness of paint, how it feels to glob it on, or think it to a stain, to sand away and excavate layers that have come before.  Each stage is a new discovery.


    Opulent Art Gallery - Artsy Artist

    NAWA - Signature Member

    NAWAMA - Signature Member

    Women United Art Movement - Directory Artist / solo show 9/24, 2/23

    See/Me Gallery - Member Artist - exhibited at Scope Miami, 2022

    Manhattan Arts International - Associate Artist

    Women Made Art Gallery - Member Artist

    North Shore Art Association - Member Artist

    Rocky Neck Art Colony - Member Artist

    Rockport Art Assn. - Contributing Member

    Newburyport Art Assn. - Artist Member

    The Salted Cod Arthouse Gallery - Co-op Gallery Member

    Cambridge Art Association - Associate Artist Member

    Visionary Art Projects - Founding Member

    Visionary Art Collective - Artist Member

    Art Queens - Artist Member


    Art & Color 365 - Mar. 24

    Art Seen Magazine - Feb. 24

    Create Magazine-Issue41 - Dec. 23

    Women United Art Magazine -Issue 5- Dec. 23

    New Visionary Magazine - Nov. 23

    Art & Color 365 - Oct. 23

    Beyond Words Magazine- May 2023

    Women United Art podcast - June 23

    Women’s United Art Magazine 5/2023 - exhibitors

    Colorium Art Magazine - May 2023

    Artistonish Magazine - issue 30 1/2023

    Women’s United Art Magazine - 10/2022   - curator’s pick

    Conversations with Farrin - podcast - July 23

    Art of Being a Mum podcast - March 2023

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