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Curiosity, Intuition, Paint, Fire!


Curiosity, Intuition, Paint, Fire!


    I’m a self-taught visual artist working out of my studio in Manufacturers Village, a collective of 65 creatives outside of New York City. In past lives, I’ve been a clinical social worker, a TEDx producer, and a curator of multidisciplinary salons for women, all of which inform my art. I live in the New Jersey suburbs with my family, and my small dog, Gunnar.

    My paintings and wall sculptures are my emotions and soul laid bare. Rooted in curiosity and intuition, my art embraces nature‘s imperfections and explores the interplay of mediums, materials, and elements like fire and water. The result is evocative, layered, textured, and organic.

    I’m curious about my inner world, and try to understand aspects of myself through my work. Only when my work is complete am I certain of what it’s  trying to communicate.

    Much of my process is unpredictable, and I surrender to it completely. Whether layering paint, blending inks, or using fire to sculpt and scorch, it excites me to never know precisely where I’ll end up. The

    My materials are my co-creators, guiding me as I go. As the composition reveals itself, I begin working intentionally. I’m primal and gestural, often eschewing brushes for my bare hands.

    I love how wood panels and yupo respond when I expose them to a chaotic mix of paint, solvents, and flames. Metallic hues—a staple in my work—glow subtly from beneath the surface, create bold contours, and evoke patinaed copper, brass, or bronze.

    The creative process is intimate and sacred to me. But seeing my work resonate with others is one of my greatest joys.

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