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Contemporary Artist


    Hey there, I'm Sara De Pasquale, a visionary artist based in Zurich. I kicked off my creative journey back in 1995, diving into self-developed analogue photography. Over time, I've expanded into acrylic paintings and this cool corrosion series, exploring the beauty of impermanence through the interplay of metals and rust.

    My art is all about capturing the dynamic energy of urban life, weaving together people, culture, and the ever-changing cycle of existence. Recently, I've delved into ceramic art, infusing it with delicate vibes, deep purity, and vibrant energy. It's my way of offering a harmonious blend of empowerment, love, and acceptance. Join me on this visual journey that transcends time, celebrating the beauty of the present moment.

    In my ceramic art, I embark on a journey of delicate expression, where porcelain figurines intertwine in a celebration of unity and connection. Drawing inspiration from the profound beauty found in fragility, my creations encapsulate a harmonious blend of vulnerability and strength. The delicate nature of the porcelain serves as a canvas, mirroring the subtle intricacies of human relationships. Through this medium, I aim to convey a message of empowerment, love, and respect, inviting viewers to explore the nuanced dynamics of human connections. Each figurine tells a unique story, weaving together influences from classic Delft patterns and the timeless art of embracing one another. This body of work serves as my artistic manifesto, an ode to the enduring power of delicate artwork in fostering understanding and unity.

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