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just happy to be here


just happy to be here


    I grew up painting, drawing, and creating as early as I can remember. It was when I was accepted to Cornell University for college that I decided to take 'a more practical approach' and pursued architecture. Then, while living in New York City after graduating, I switched careers and went into product design. It was during the pandemic that I had the time and space to revisit my art (specifically abstract painting with mixed media), while also working in tech. I love how now my education and career in design often influences how I create within my art practice and vice versa. I'm grateful for every step I've taken as I believe my 2 worlds of art and design are continually informing and speaking to each other. 

    My work tends to celebrate the joys of the creative process itself, which oftentimes frees me from the concerns about the finished work. This sense of freedom defines my practice – a time to unwind, to reflect, to play. Sometimes I plan my work before diving in, but typically, I start painting simply when I feel excited about the idea of creating. Then I let the markings, colors, and thoughts guide the rest. When it comes to my materials, I enjoy going beyond traditional painting, using repurposed items like old skateboards, frames, and trays. I’ve always been inspired by mixed media artists, such as Robert Rauschenberg, so mixing acrylic paint, oil pastel, tape, and paper is a joy. Even found objects are incorporated when it feels right. Overall, my practice is therapeutic and relieves some of the pressure of what it means to be human in this wild world.

    2024 • 7811 Gallery, Group Exhibit • Los Angeles, CA

    2023 • The Mondrian Magic Box, Group Exhibit • West Hollywood, CA

    2023 • The Other Art Fair, Group Show • Santa Monica, CA

    2023 •  Crescent Tree Gallery, Solo Exhibit • Claremont, CA

    2023 • The Artist Tree, Group Exhibit • West Hollywood, CA

    2022 • The Beverly Hills Art Show, Group Show • Beverly Hills, CA

    2022 • The Art Lounge Collective, Group Exhibit • Fairfax, CA

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