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American Artist Living and Creating In Amazing Italy


American Artist Living and Creating In Amazing Italy


    Milan based figurative artist, Sherri Carling’s work annexes the subtle inner beauty exuded by subjects when captured in safe and vulnerable moments.

    Born to a large, talented, multicultural family and nurtured in the artistically diverse womb of New York City, Carling devoured art and creative expression as a child.  She pursued a science track in college, with a career aspiration of Medical Illustration.

    An avid traveler, Carling, later visited Italy, where she fell deeply in love with oil painting and ultimately immigrated to Milan.  It was there that she found an unparalleled inspiration for her artistic vision and the frame within which she explores the harmonious nuances of the soul, via color and brush strokes.

    Primarily self-taught, Carling’s work focuses on warm colors reflective of the Caribbean and Tuscan hillside, to encapsulate the juxtaposition of passion and strength from her Puerto Rican and Italian heritage. She references her own photography, live poses and imagination to layer larger than life canvases.   To date, Carling’s work has been showcased in both group and individual exhibitions, in Italy and Florida.

    Her insatiable desire to hone her craft has led to enrollment in the Milan Academy of Art, Atelier School, where she has experimented with multimedia as a means of diversifying the medium of her expressions.

    Sherri Carling born in Brooklyn, New York in August 1966.

    Creativity was the playground of our home.  My brothers and I were encouraged inventors of fantastical worlds, skits, characters and looks.  We reveled in being rebellious little muralists, marking our territory down the long corridor of our home, with colorful fat Crayolas and uninhibited imaginations. We were nurtured by the comfort that disorder was a necessary evil of the creative process.

    Coming from school, I looked forward to the crisp new mural painted on our bedroom wall. My mother transformed anything effortlessly and engrained not only a love of creativity, but a need for it! As a pensive child, I observed the details of everything and found joy translating them into art, freezing an emotion or mysterious characters in a sketch book. My paintings will my subjects and their imperfections, to life.

    My preferred mediums oils and watercolors, usually a palate of earth tones and deep Caribbean Sea blues, connect my Italian and Puerto Rican heritages.  I use a mixture of photographs, models, memories and mood swings to create intimacy in my portraits.   Immigrating to Italy over 20 years ago, I live and create art in Milan, and recently enrolled in Milan Academy of Art (an atelier school) to enhance my technique.

    I am drawn to people.

    Always gravitating to portrature & figurative painting and drawing.

    100 Woman Emerging Artists   ATH

    Group Exhibition  Visionary Art Collective

    Solo Exhibition  Milan

    Group Exhibition   Galleria Magenta 52, Milan

    Group Exhibition   Pirelli Hanger, Como

    Group Exhibition   Micheal Murphy Gallery, Florida

    Gasparilla Art Festival  Emerging Artist Award Winner



    Various Courses in Brera Academy, Milan

    Milan Academy of Art (Altelier School)


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