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    Born in Tehran, Iran in 1981, Shilla Shakoori is an Iranian American contemporary artist. She received her BA in 2004 from Azad University of Art & Architecture (Tehran, Iran) and her MFA from California State University Northridge (CSUN) in 2012.  Shakoori has exhibited in Iran and the US including shows at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Mahe Mehr Gallery, West Gallery (CSUN), Antelope Valley College’s art gallery, Levantine Cultural Center, American Arab Museum (Detroit Michigan), University Art Gallery (Cal State University Dominguez Hills), Arena1 Gallery, Gallery 825, SOMARTS Cultural center, GWC Art Gallery, and Moorpark College Art Gallery. Her work has been featured in MOJEH Magazine and Voyage LA. Shilla Shakoori lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

    Shilla Shakoori is an artist from Iran who is based in Los Angeles.  Shakoori attempts to discover and re-discover the truth in what she experiences daily and uses her art as a medium that can most potently reveal that truth.  Her art finds much strength and inspiration through music and poetry of artists she finds struggling (past and present) in the same truth-seeking journey: Chopin, Mahalia Jackson, Forough Farrokhzad, Rumi, James Baldwin and Mahmoud Darwish are a few of the artists whose influence on Shakoori are dominant.

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