Spiraliens by Freeda


    The artist Freeda Kingelin, with her pseudonym brand Spiraliens, combines over two decades of experience in marketing, branding, interior design, and photography with her passion for painting. With homes in Denmark, Sweden, and Italy, her canvas is as broad and culturally rich as her life. Freeda’s primary mediums, oils and acrylics, serve as the foundation for her exploration of abstract shapes and figures, illuminated by a vivid palette that reflects her multicultural upbringing and the complex narratives of belonging.

    Freeda’s artistry is born from a personal journey marked by challenges and transitions, including country moves, depression, single parenting, and the quest for identity amidst the expectations of society and family. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences of blending cultures and navigating the intricacies of diverse family structures, her work celebrates the beauty of multicultural identities and the diverse, colorful tapestry of human connections. Through her art, she voices the deep-seated yearnings for inclusion, connection, and mutual respect that resonate with many.

    Her current endeavor, the ‘United Colours of Belonging’ series, is a testament to her ongoing exploration of identity, belonging, and diversity. This series aims to create a visual dialogue that not only reflects Freeda’s life story of blending different backgrounds but also highlights the potential for art to bridge cultural divides.

    Freeda finds profound resonance in Nietzsche's quote, "one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." This philosophy mirrors her approach to art: transforming personal turmoil into expressions of beauty and significance. Her work is an invitation to viewers to engage in a deeper conversation about identity, belonging, and the beauty of diversity.

    To discover more about Freeda Kingelin’s art and journey, visit her website at www.spiraliens.com, follow her on social media @spiraliens, or reach out via info@spiraliens.com.

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