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Exploring the magic of life and nature


Exploring the magic of life and nature


    Tali Levine is a Mexican artist based in Miami, Florida who was born and raised in Mexico City. Tali graduated as a graphic designer from Universidad Iberoamericana in 2015. She has been creating art for more than 20 years. Curiosity has led her to experiment with different techniques in her art career.  Levine is known for her hyperrealistic style and mainly works with acrylic painting, oil painting and embroidery, seeing how they can be intertwined. Her work consists of paintings and three-dimensional pieces where she translates the nature world with a new perspective. 

    As a painter and mixed media artist, I explore nature and the magic within us. My purpose is to uncover the jewels in our daily lives. I like to experiment with different techniques and hyperrealism, to spark curiosity in the viewer of how it was made. Through my work, I inspire others and make them feel connected to the beauty that surrounds us. For a moment, to be present and to awaken the soul. To see and admire with wonder the details, the colors, the shapes, the freedom, and the energy of the piece.

    Exploring the magic of life and nature

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