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    Toria Ya Tuo is a Chinese Mongolia textile artist, jewellery designer and maker. She founded her embroidery jewellery brand TORIA LONDON in 2022. She is a technique researcher as well as a storyteller. Inspired by her personal experience and the emotions we encounter in specific situations. She explores wearable textiles through embroidery, soft electronics and robotics, utilising these processes to recreate a sense of living movement and touch during her study at the Royal College of Art. Her work discusses the relationship between our emotions, body and materials.

    She applied art and handicrafts as a medium to communicate with people with mental health issues in her current work. She will keep her passion for research based on emotion and specific requirements for vulnerable people, focusing on their psychological needs in her future studies.

    Textiles are the closest material to the human body. It is difficult to imagine something as fundamental to our body and behaviour. This influence is both physical and psychological. Premium products bring us comfort and emotional support, especially during tough times.  How can we create this sense of safety or satisfaction? How can we add extra functions to textiles and redefine the role they play in our daily lives? What new methods can we discover that combine engineering with the intimate touch of handcrafting? In which ways can textiles be practical and yet bring us joy?”

    ——- Toria Ya Tuo

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