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My art centers on the female perspective, showing the beauty and strength from within.


My art centers on the female perspective, showing the beauty and strength from within.


    Vanessa Wenwieser is an artist, born in Munich, Germany, who graduated with a Fine Art Photography degree from the Glasgow School of Art.

    Her artworks have been widely exhibited in 2023; virtually with groups and in several physical exhibitions: Boomer Art Gallery, the Marvelous Art Gallery; Holy Art Gallery; Capital Culture House; Florence Contemporary Gallery; the Kuvid Gallery.

    They have also been displayed in the Zürich central station and then another space outwith a gallery in the London Underground in Great Portland Street.

    In November, she participated in the Shanghai Art Fair and will have her images also displayed for 1 year, as well as being published in the catalogue.

    She took part in Miami 4.0 at the prestigious Spectrum Miami during the Art Basel Miami, organised by ARTBOX.PROJECTS.

    The year 2024 started off with a big bang, as her work was shown on a big display board on Times Square New York and she contributed to the physical group show at “Surreal Salon 16” in the Baton Rouge Gallery, Louisiana. In April she will be partaking in a group exhibition by ARTBOX.PROJECTS in Venice during the Biennale Arte di Venezia at an Art Space near the official Biennale Venice.

    Her artworks have been included in several books; firstly, by the Marvelous Art Gallery and in Sinead McGuigan’s collection of poems called “Unbound” and her artwork will be on the cover of her new book called “The muse of restless nights” as well as several inside it.

    Several magazines published her art: Aesthetica Magazine, The Flux Review, The Circle Quarterly Art Review, Marvelous Art Gallery Magazine, 365 art plus, the Goddess Magazine and on the cover of Art Seen Magazine, by the curators Salon, with an article and more artworks within.

    She has also received several art prizes: three from Artrepreneur’s open calls; one from Capital Culture House; two from Mozaik Philanthropy; Digital Finalist in Women United Art Prize 2023 and from the Marvelous Art Group an honourable mention in 2024.

    Vanessa Wenwieser’s artwork centers on placing women at the heart of her creative vision, liberating them from the conventional male gaze and elevating the female perspective. In her art, women are portrayed as complex beings with intellect, emotions, and innate strength.
    She employs figures and allusive storytelling to explore the divide between appearances and essence.
    With a focus on revealing emotions in their naked vulnerability, she embarks on an imaginative and exquisite journey to help viewers perceive the transcendent. Her goal is to immerse the audience in her artwork, inviting them to inhabit her otherworldly depictions.
    Vanessa’s creations capture the essence of transformative emotions and feelings, including love, metamorphosis, imagination, healing, regaining inner strength, and the afterlife. She employs space to evoke a sense of the sublime, transporting viewers to profound emotional landscapes within the soul.

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