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Yahel Yan: Painting Worlds with a Palette of Possibilities.


Yahel Yan: Painting Worlds with a Palette of Possibilities.


    Yahel Yan is a San Diego-based Mexican painter exploring the relationship between color and emotion.

    Frequently attending museums and galleries, Yan was exposed to art from an early age and always knew that she wanted to become a visual artist.

    She jokes she was born with a crayon in her hand. These childhood experiences of being immersed in the rich, vibrant culture of Mexico continue to impact Yan’s work today. In her abstract and representational work, she explores the relationship between color, imagination, emotion, and memory.

    My work is an exploration of the depths of imagination and reality. Through abstract and representational painting, I allow personal narratives to unfold and leave room for the viewer to find their own stories within each piece.

    Although I paint in vastly different styles and mediums––abstraction, realism, acrylic, and oil––I rely on my intuition to be my guide in communicating emotion.


    One of the favorite things I love about painting is how it allows me to experiment with different techniques and materials. From bold brushstrokes to fine brush lines, I love exploring the possibilities of color, shapes, and composition.Whether I am working with acrylics, oils, or watercolors, each medium has its own unique qualities that help bring my visions to life, while giving my imagination freedom to roam. The world around me serves as my inspiration as I seek to evoke emotions and spark the imagination of the viewer with rich layered colorful imagery.


    In many ways, the central theme of my work is my creative process which is enhanced by a sense of playfulness that I bring into my work and the pure joy of creating. Whether I'm painting a chair, a whimsical landscape, or an abstract composition, each piece reflects my optimistic nature and purpose to bring joy to the viewer. In many of my pieces, I include chairs which I hope to give a new life and new meaning, as I surround them in a world filled with love and positivity. The brush across the canvas is but a medium to tell wonderful narratives to the public.

    2023 "A Mix of Playgrounds" / Bread and Cie - San Diego, United States
    2021"A collection of Chairs" / Bread and Cie - San Diego, United States
    2021"From the Masters" (Solo Show) / Ashton Gallery - San Diego, United States
    2019 solo show / Bondi Harvest - Santa Monica, United States
    2019 Chairs and Hearts / Bread and Cie - San Diego, United States
    2019 Yahel Yan Featured Artist / Ashton Gallery - San Diego, United States
    2012 Feature artist (Printmaker) / Art Academy of San Diego - San Diego, United States

    Juried shows
    2023 "Not an Artfair" (A National Show) / Hermosa Beach
    2022 Artis Alliance Biennial at the Oceanside Museum Of Art
    2022 Thought Art Magazine- Vol. 05
    2022 Wild Lands, Curated By Jen Though
    2022 American Art Collector, Issue 196
    2021 San Diego Visual Arts- Chair Story
    2019 SDVoyager- Meet Yahel Yan of Yahel Yan Art in Chula Vista
    2013 Proyecto 5 / Latino Art Museum - Pomona, United States

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