Yuting Wang

Figurative watercolor artist based in California. Currently venture into sculpture and installation


Figurative watercolor artist based in California. Currently venture into sculpture and installation


     Born in Beijing, China, Yuting is a figurative watercolor artist currently based in Sunnyvale. Her first influence of art came from her father, who is an oil painter. While her father didn't directly teach her painting techniques, he often took Yuting to art museums and exhibitions. Those experiences became her first aspiration of being a professional artist. 

    Yuting's path to becoming an artist was unconventional. She has a bachelor’s degree and a master's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. After graduation, she worked as a construction project manager while honing her painting skills by taking classes in the evenings and weekends. In early 2023, she transitioned from the seven-year career in construction to a full-time artist.

    Yuting's watercolor creations are a testament to her rich cultural heritage and diverse experiences. Learning traditional Chinese ink painting and calligraphy at a young age planted the seed for her preference for watercolor. The influence from the museum visits fostered her appreciation for western realism and impressionism. She learned and painted oil paintings for many years before she found her true voice in watercolor. She maintained the realistic depiction of figures from oil painting and combined it with expressive brush strokes often found in Chinese ink paintings, creating the unity of two seemingly opposite forces.

    My innate observant and sensitive nature led me to contemplate the disharmony and pain in the world, sparking a profound curiosity about life's purpose. This spurred a quest for self-discovery and a search for the essence of human existence.

    Fascinated by the human psyche, I chose to depict people in my art as a means of understanding them and, ultimately, myself.

    Watercolor's unpredictable nature allows me to showcase the interplay between spontaneity and control, illustrating the beauty of opposites united. I use expressive brushstrokes and emotionally charged colors to convey unity amid diversity. I blend fantasy with reality to explore alternative existences and reconcile dualities and paradoxes.

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