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ready for world domination !


ready for world domination !


    arah Sham is the Principal Designer of the Mumbai-based interior design firm Essajees Atelier. Sarah founded Essajees Atelier in 2014 as an extension of her family's 130-year-old antique and furniture dealership in the city’s heritage district of Colaba. Essajees Atelier is Sarah’s endeavour to bring this legacy into the 21st century in a manner that marries the functional with the beautiful. In doing so, she has been careful not to develop a 'signature style'. This means that every project is a blank canvas, waiting for new ideas to populate it! Today, Essajees Atelier is 100 projects, 30 team members, and almost half a million Instagram followers strong. Projects currently in the pipeline are multiple homes in Calcutta, a 10,000 sq. ft. restaurant in Hyderabad, a 20,000 sqft mansion in Chennai, a 10,000 sqft home in Nashik and multiple homes in Goa.

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