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Shining light on the lives of the real Modern Maharani's


Shining light on the lives of the real Modern Maharani's


    Arts to Hearts Podcast is a show delving into the lives and passions of renowned artists. From running creative businesses and studio art practices to cultivating a successful mindset, Charuka Arora engages in heartfelt conversations with her guests. Experience your personal happy hour with your favorite artists, right in your studio.

    Through candid discussions, Charuka and her guests reveal the joys and challenges of a vibrant creative life, both within and beyond our studios. Get ready to be inspired and uplifted as you tune in.

    Charuka Arora is the founder of the Arts to Hearts Project and Host of the Arts to Hearts Podcast. She is also an Indian artist whose boundary-redefining contemporary embellished paintings have earned her international recognition. With her unique blend of gouache, collage, embroideries, painting, and drawing, Charuka examines the intersection of art, culture, heritage, and womanhood.

    She creates art that tells stories of a woman’s strength of soul, encapsulating them in pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation.

    One of her notable works is the ongoing series entitled “Modern Maharani”. These hand-embellished mixed media paintings and collages depict stories of women’s inner strength, inspired by Indian culture, mythology, and their relationship with women. These contemporary tales are deeply rooted in history and display an unexpected satire on patriarchy and misogyny.

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