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The Women in Arts Network is a one-of-a-kind global directory that unites talented women in the arts, offering them a thriving space within the art world. We bring together writers, podcasters, gallerists, curators, and more, fostering not only collaboration but also celebration. It’s a place where collaboration isn’t just possible, it’s celebrated. Here, women from around the globe don’t just connect, they form powerful networks and lasting friendships. So, whether you’re on the hunt for talent or ready to showcase your own, Women in Arts Network is just the place for you.

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Women In Arts Network

Women In Arts Network is a global directory celebrating creativity and connecting women in the arts. Our directory helps you find talented women artists, curators, writers, gallerists, and creative entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft and contribute to the art world.


At Women In Arts Network, we believe in art’s transformative power – crossing boundaries, connecting cultures, and touching hearts worldwide. We’ve curated a diverse group of women, from artists to art entrepreneurs, creating an inspiring community where ideas thrive, collaborations shape, and art’s beauty reaches every corner.

Our directory showcases women involved in various art forms: painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, curation, writing, and gallery management. Discover established and emerging professionals with unique perspectives and unwavering passion.


Finding the perfect artist or professional is made easy with our intuitive search function. Filter by medium, style, location, and more. Whether you need a commissioned portrait, a curator, or a writer, our directory has it all.


The Women In Arts Network is more than a directory. It’s a community of creatives, enthusiasts, collectors, and professionals united by their love for art. Connect, create, and shape the future of the art world with us.

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Be part of a global community that values creativity, connection, and collaboration.

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Women In Arts Network: a supportive community of women who love the arts. Join us for a warm and welcoming environment where we encourage, inspire, and belong. Learn, grow, and thrive together.

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Join the Women In Arts Network today

Be part of a global community that values creativity, connection, and collaboration.

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Women In Arts Network

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Rachel Burke

Rachel Burke is a practicing multidisciplinary artist, designer, and author based in Brisbane, Australia.

Known for her vibrant, tactile wearable artworks and iconic tinsel creations, her work is inspired by a love for naive craft materials and transforming the mundane into the magical.

Rachel has exhibited her work in gallery spaces across Australia, including The Museum of Brisbane, Saint Cloche Gallery, Hamer Hall, The Australian Centre of the Moving Image, Enough Space, GAFFA, and the Redlands Art Gallery.

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Alicia Puig

Alicia Puig is the curator & co-founder of PxP Contemporary, director at Create! Magazine, an arts writer, and co-author of The Complete Smartist Guide and The Creative Business Handbook. She has worked in the arts for over a decade in many facets of the industry.

Her writing has been featured in magazines and on blogs including Create! Magazine, All She Makes, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Art She Says, and Artspiel, among others. Additionally, she has served as a guest curator for Hastings College, All She Makes, Create! Magazine, Rise Art, SHOWFIELDS, Apex Art, Arts to Hearts Project, I Like Your Work, Visionary Art Collective, and Altamira.

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Liz Lidgett

Liz Lidgett founded her business as an art advisor in 2012 after working as an in-house curator for a corporate collection. Seeing the need for corporate art advisory throughout the Midwest, Liz began working with several corporate headquarters based in Des Moines, Iowa. Her business quickly expanded to work with personal collections, restaurants, hotels, and public art projects.

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Victoria J. Fry

Victoria J. Fry is a New York City-based painter, educator, curator, and the founder of Visionary Art Collective and New Visionary Magazine. Born in England, Victoria lived in Singapore as a child before moving to the United States. The formative years spent in the English countryside continue to impact the paintings she creates today, as they’re rooted in landscape, memory, perception, and experience.

Victoria’s work has been featured in numerous publications, including Create! Magazine, Vanity Fair UK, Art Reveal Magazine, and Pif Magazine amongst others.

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