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Making beautiful moments last through art and colour!


Making beautiful moments last through art and colour!


    Dawn Renee Bouchard is a Canadian artist, currently living in Brockville, Ontario renowned for her captivating interpretations of the natural world through vibrant acrylics and soft pastels. With a career beginning later in life, following her retirement from education, Bouchard's artistry reflects a profound connection to the landscapes of her native Ontario, where she finds inspiration in the ever-changing seasons and serene vistas.

    Despite lacking formal training, Bouchard's innate talent and unwavering dedication have propelled her to become an award-winning artist, recognized for her mastery of color, light, and composition. Her work has been featured in numerous international books and magazines and can be found in homes across Canada.

    Bouchard's artistic journey is marked by a commitment to constant exploration and experimentation, pushing the boundaries of her creative expression with each new piece. Her paintings exude a sense of tranquility and nostalgia, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world and rediscover the magic in everyday moments.

    As a passionate advocate for the arts, Bouchard actively engages with her local community,  sharing her work and expertise with others. Through her art, she seeks to inspire people to embrace their creativity and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the world around them.

    Dawn Bouchard's legacy as an artist lies not only in her remarkable body of work but also in the enduring impact of her artistic vision, which continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

    In my retirement, I've embarked on a late-in-life journey as a fine artist painter.  At the age of 60, I am fueled by a passion that lay dormant for decades. Life's demands led me away from the easel in my youth—raising two girls, and completing a fulfilling career as an elementary teacher and principal.  Yet, within my heart, the artist's spirit persisted, patiently awaiting its moment.

    My great-grandfather, a masterful painter, and my father, also finding his artistic voice in retirement, wove a legacy that resonated within me. Retirement became my second chance to embrace the artist spirit within me.

    Driven not by acclaim but by a desire to leave behind a legacy of joy, I paint with urgency. Time, an ever-fleeting companion, adds intensity to every stroke. I aim to capture the overlooked beauty in the everyday—a flower's delicate petals, a sweeping landscape—to weave moments that endure.

    Painting is my lifeline, a distraction that helps navigate life's challenges with hope. In vulnerability, I find strength, and in the completion of a piece, a reflection of my journey—a tale of resilience, love, and the enduring beauty of the human spirit.

    In the beautiful dance of colours, I've found solace. With gratitude, a heart full of passion, and the undying hope that my art will inspire, I paint, creating a tapestry that speaks of embracing dreams at any age. This late-in-life artistic pursuit is more than rediscovery; it's a testament to the timeless truth that, indeed, it is never too late to breathe life into the dreams that have always resided with my heart and soul.


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