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Haley Barclay: Crafting Timeless Moments in Every Stroke.


Haley Barclay: Crafting Timeless Moments in Every Stroke.


    Haley is a contemporary watercolor artist residing in the US. She works traditionally with paints to create Illustrative portraits that feature vibrant color palettes. Her stylization of realism and airy backgrounds bring focus to the subjects in her paintings - expressive human portraits and elements of nature. Following high school, Haley has been completely self-taught.

    She often branches out to other mediums but ultimately watercolor is her specialty. Her love for nature and finding beauty in the world resonates in her upbeat paintings. Haley has a passion for art that is fueled by bringing joy to her viewers. She aims to highlight our connection to nature through her surrealistic paintings.

    Haley has taken advantage of the recent digitalization of art galleries and has had the opportunity to showcase her work in many parts of the world. She has been in group exhibitions in cities such as NYC, London, Athens, and Paris that utilize HD digital screens in their galleries.

    Haley is also a member of her local art gallery in Wisconsin. She plans to expand her gallery experience both digitally and physically in the near future.

    My artwork focuses on nature and our connection to the world around us. I enjoy using vibrant colors and an illustrative style to create an exciting experience for my viewers. My subjects range from animals big and small, human expressions, and other elements of nature such as flowers. I want to remind people to slow down and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us every day.

    Inspiration: Nature, color, and life
    Theme: Vibrant portraits of people and wildlife

      • Member of Lemon Street Gallery & Influx Gallery.

      • Featured on Circle Foundation for the Arts.

      • Exhibitions with The Holy Art.

      • Shown in Spotlight magazine issue 33

      • Artist Talk magazine issue 25

      • The World of Interiors magazine Aug - October 2023 issues

      • British Vogue magazine September - Nov 2023 issues.

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