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Trust the Process and find Joy in the making


Trust the Process and find Joy in the making


    Born and raised in Portland, OR, Abby creates, teaches and engages in the creative practice every day.  She is a seasoned Art Therapist turned Professional Abstract Painter who is looking for joy in the mundane and magic in the moments found around her.

    My work is rooted in the process. The mistake process, the listening process, the process of taking action and learning along the way. Using bold and fluid brushstrokes and color combinations, my paintings aim to bring an openness and ease to the viewer while reflecting the joy of the creative journey. the

    Themes of nature and chaos emerge frequently from my work. I like to find balance in the mundane and possibility in the mess.

    My professional career as an Art Therapist and Teacher is ultimately what brought me back to my own personal art making career.  I love to share the creative process with others and prompt imaginative exploration at the same time.

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