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    Alison was born in Auckland, New Zealand near Narrow Neck Beach – a picturesque seaside locale that fostered her love of the ocean and often acts as inspiration for her art.

    Alison’s art captures the timelessness of nuanced and textured beauty of the world around her. With delicate brushwork and bold colours, she creates timeless art in photo-realistic quality.

    Alison paints paradise as she sees it, filling the absence of civilisation with the fullness of nature. The way light plays on pristine water, foliage and sand draws her creative spirit. Paint to canvas, canvas to evocative memories, her heart on display.

    Alison’s painting journey started in 2001 with her first acrylic painting. She then went on to be represented by Palette, The Letham, Matakana and Exhibitions Galleries with sell out shows before changing to oil as a medium at The Tim Wilson Gallery where she was mentored by Tim Wilson, one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed landscape artists.

    Through working with Tim and exhibiting in his exclusive gallery, Alison has increased her global profile, increased the value to her already very successful paintings and continues to learn about her craft and life.

    Alison has also been published in five books and two magazines in New Zealand and the US.

    Beyond her painting and mixed media art, Alison is a qualified graphic designer having worked in advertising and design for many years.

    Alison feels extremely fortunate to have her work included in many galleries and publications.

    The modern world is fast. Connected. Online. Everywhere & nowhere all at once. Nature, it seems, is a place we hardly recognize anymore. We forget how to call it by name & need to listen very closely to hear it calling ours.

    Yet, nature is the place I go to find myself time & time again. It always has been. The beauty of nature is what has always captivated me. It is why I paint. To capture the textures, patterns, light, shadows, & movement found in nature - to evoke a sense of wonder & calm at the same time.

    Capturing a moment. Like the moment a wave, like a heart, breaks. Or in the tidal push & pull of a full moon shoreline. Or, in still life where the only motion is in imagined sunlight  shadows as they edge across a day & fall upon a tree or flower or scene.

    To capture a moment that would otherwise be fleeting, as if to bottle the feeling, serves as a reminder of how nature’s beauty can only be bottled in the mind & heart of a person who slows down just long enough to notice it.

    To create my work, I first get out in nature. Then I record the moments (whether in my mind, on film, or otherwise). Then I re-imagine the scenes either by paring them down or enhancing them to suit imagination & reality concurrently. In my mind’s eye, all the world is a muse.

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