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Mixed-media artist expressing vibrant joie de vivre from the inside out in Lake Country, Wisconsin


Mixed-media artist expressing vibrant joie de vivre from the inside out in Lake Country, Wisconsin


    Meijer graduated with a BFA in fine art photography nearly 30 years ago, and has been exploring visual language ever since.  Her photography can be found in International collections and publications.  Twenty years ago, Angela traded in her camera, invested in paints and canvases, and started painting daily from the inside out.  Her artwork was primarily abstract and nonrepresentational until a few years ago.  Many of these paintings are in private and corporate collections.  In 2021, Angela invested in a camera and started photographing and painting flowers.  Her current artwork is inspired by the language of flowers.

    My mixed-media artwork is filled with bright colors, mixed-media layers and texture. I hope to invite viewers into a tapestry of visual and tactile experiences.
    The language of flowers is an endless source of inspiration in my work. Even when my work is nonobjective and abstract, I always see flowers. Matisse once said, “There are always flowers for those who wish to see them.”

    Inside/Out has been a constant theme in my artwork, and I've always explored making the unseen visible.  When my work was primarily photography, I didn't like the surface of colored photo paper, and was always looking for other ways to print my images on beautiful paper. I started placing semi-transparent paper over my photos and adding other imagery with pastels. Then I traded in my camera and started painting. For about fifteen years, I painted countless nonrepresentational and abstract canvases. There is so much that can expressed through color and movement. I invested in a camera a few years ago, and I've been photographing and painting flowers ever since.

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