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Art is meant to be felt and experienced, I hope my viewers feel something from my work.


Art is meant to be felt and experienced, I hope my viewers feel something from my work.


    I am an artist that was archivally trained in fine art at university, specifically a Fine Art, Visual Art, Studio Arts major. I work to use the highest quality materials, focusing on archival techniques, and paying attention to which materials are compatible chemically, ensuring the resulting pieces will remain consistently beautiful for as long as possible. I was raised in the Midwest, raised my family in the Mountain West, and currently live in rural Southern Idaho surrounded by nature.

    My passion, creativity and art are inspired by emotions and feelings; the parts of each of us that make us individually human, yet show how interconnected we all are no matter what our backgrounds may be. We all experience similar emotional moments throughout life; these moments can help us realize we are more alike than we are different. We get to experience these moments which help us connect, finding compassion and understanding with ourselves and others. The growth and introspection, joy and fulfillment that we discover on our journey add to the richness of this human experience. We are all interconnected through the beautiful and intricate tapestry that is woven through these moments in life. Through my art, I hope to bring the viewer a sense of validation, a feeling of being understood, and an understanding that each of us is a part of a greater whole.

    My latest collection, “The Journey”, is an intuitively painted series created following my youngest daughter's passing in December 2023. She passed unexpectedly, and it has left my world in chaos and my heart shattered into a million pieces. I have painted as I cried out for her, to her, letting my heart guide my hands through the pain. I used the paints to help my heart find a space to grieve and begin healing. I have come to believe we never have to say goodbye, our loved ones are with us. I hope this collection is a reminder that our loved ones are never lost, they remain as close as we allow them until we join them on the Other Side. They are whole and happy, and miss us as much as we miss them.

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