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Forest Aliya: Nurturing Nature, Cultivating Harmony, Where Every Leaf Tells a Story.


Forest Aliya: Nurturing Nature, Cultivating Harmony, Where Every Leaf Tells a Story.


    Forest Aliya was born in Knoxville, TN 1970-present. Currently she lives in Nevada City, CA with her son. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from Pacific Northwest College of the Arts 2019 with the focus on color theory, abstract painting, and soundscapes. In 2020-2021 she received a Holographic Sound Healing Certificate from Dr. Paul Hubbert in Austin, TX. Her work has been exhibited in San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, Santa Fe, NM, and Portland, OR. Her work has been published in “Music, Art, Lit” magazine 2020,

    My creative space holds a narrative for viewers to explore. Within this space I infuse the concepts of liminal, spiritual, symbiotic, reverence for all things. The content of my work is a manifestation of new perspectives and acceptances that lie beyond the current level of understanding. It is a moment of interface with something that is greater than oneself. It draws affinity from a story of the human condition by use of the imagination. It comes into contact with its own story via mark-making with line, color and form. My art is an expansion of my awareness, and a connection to all living beings on the planet.


    My greatest inspiration is where science and spirituality meet.


    In my good fortune, when I see harmonies of color I hear harmonies of sounds; I have a synesthetic experience. In this series of my work symphonies of color and sound are expressed with abstract compositions of color, mushrooms, plant life, animals, moon cycles, and figures. I have created places of now, new beginnings, perspectives that embodies temporalities and materialities, peace,

    exhibited at the New York, NY Art Expo and Sante Fe,NM Art Expo 2023
    Jen Tough Gallery in Sante Fe, NM 2023,

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