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Don't be afraid to experiment with new materials and brake the rules!


Don't be afraid to experiment with new materials and brake the rules!


    Sharon Berebichez is a visual artist and art educator, born in Mexico City, Mexico, and based in Miami, Florida, for the last 10 years. She graduated as a graphic designer from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. In her practice, she is constantly experimenting with new materials and techniques. For over 25 years, Berebichez has painted with acrylic and oil on paper and canvas, created assemblages with found objects, and sculpture pieces in resin. Recently, she has shifted her focus to fiber art, specifically embroidery, and weaving.

    As a process-based artist, Sharon relies on the repetition of movement and the creation of patterns like a meditative process that allows her to be present and mindful, making connections with her work and her identity as a woman and as a third-generation migrant. Her use of texture and materials reflects her mixed Mexican, Guatemalan, and Jewish heritage, creating pieces that are both visually enticing and culturally significant.


    Born in Mexico City, lives and works in Miami, Florida.

    Berebichez is a multidisciplinary artist whose larger practice intersects ecological and ecofeminist ideas on women’s relationship to society and the cultural values that assert the domination of nature and women. The home and the domestic space are used subversively as inherent features of her subject matter that permit an opening for motherhood and professionality as a woman artist.

    In her mixed-media paintings that utilize fabric and embroidery, Berebichez emphasizes the materiality of her process, exploring connections to the textuality of the elemental compositions, the language of color, and the affective and sensorial relationships with the mediums. As a process based artist, she relies on the repetition of movement and the creation of patterns, a generative and meditative process that permits the artist to stay present and mindful, exploring deeper correspondences with her identity as a woman.

    Embroidery is a central storyline in her practice, an act that has guided her work in finding a self portrait where she can make reference to her traditions and Mexican/Guatemalan background.



    Berebichez has exhibited in the following spaces, Creatures of Light, Solo exhibit,  Frost Science Museum, Miami  in 2019, at The Camp Gallery in Miami with the representation of FAMA (Fiber Artists Miami Association) in 2021, At the Frank C. Ortis Gallery in Pembroke Pines Florida in 2022, and as part of the HISPAFEST Festival, in the Mexican and Colombian consulate as well as at the DORCAM, Doral Contemporary Art Museum in 2022.

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