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A Nature Inspired Dreamer


A Nature Inspired Dreamer


    My entire life has included creation in some form. For the past 26 years, I have been pursuing my passion for oil painting. I feel fortunate to be able to express myself through Art. I began my career in Graphic Design and find that too has been an influence while transitioning to painting. I live in the Boston area and the seasons in New England, especially the spring and summer growth months provide much inspiration.

    Oil paints intrigue me, I love everything about them. The richness of color, the texture, the smell and the way you have to be patient in order to work with them.

    I primarily use a palette knife allowing many layers of paint to build and enjoy working with the emotive quality that color can convey within a painting. Recently I have begun exploring the addition of cold wax medium to the oils and use many different tools to add texture in my work. I begin with a sketch then allow the painting to evolve by using Indigo oil, solvents and tools to see what emerges. My goal is to create an experience that is joyful, unexpected and connects us to the wonder of the natural world.

    In this Dreamscape series, I am inspired by the beauty and wisdom found in nature. The Infinite varieties of wildflowers, visits from birds, the lessons we can learn when paying attention, what we see and what we can’t all play into this series vision.

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